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Diksha Prashar Mar 2020
Instead of stepping forward.
Her steps retreated.
Fading away with darkened clouds.
Without answering ferral howls.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2018
There is a flicker of distant laughter
Inside my darkened mind
But it is in a place
I cannot seem to find
This is one from way way back when
Andrew Rueter Dec 2017
The cursed clouds decide to stay
Through this blacked out phase
So I proceed to play
During darkened days

Swirling black
In a sky of flak
The courage I lack
To counterattack

Bombs explode
Smoke blocks the sun
Now that I know
Dying can be fun
To the finish line I run
After I feel I am done

The sky gets darker
By permanent markers
The sun hides
The dude abides

I am under a curse
Of things getting worse
I look for a nurse
Out the back of my hearse

Love can be found
And unwound
No one is bound
So they leave town

The days used to be bright
Until I found reasons to fight
And the grass died
When my *** lied

I can't retrieve the light
When I am blinded
I'm unable to use sight
So I cannot find it

Darkened days
Block the sun's rays
I can't see through the haze
Of these darkened days

Time passes
Like lightning flashes
And depleting drug stashes
Impeding love's crashes
When I'm burnt to ashes

I don't know if I'm romantic
Or in an existential crisis
But as I become tantric
I feel I must fight this
So I wield a sword
Of tears that poured
For those I adored
Until they brought darkness
Despite my praise
When they act heartless
I live darkened days
Can be found in my self published poetry book “Icy”
Banele Msimango Jul 2018
I could lie to my self and keep painting white walls in my mind, but it's no use the lights are all worn out, shadows have vanished, my soul gradually darkening beyond dim.

For a while I've been trying to escape, every attempt has got me running in circles, in tears I shower.

I looked into the distance, only to learn that was just mind tricks, this is where I belong, in the dark searching for a darker place to hide from all humanity
K Balachandran Sep 2017
city lights shut eyes,
silence nets darkened night;
alone, still she waits.
M Harris Feb 2017
The chaos of life calling in the twisting veins,
Where lifeblood pumped and the children came to drink,
Now blackened and scorched ,
The shell of our beingness,
Lies parched and cracked on this devoid land.

Silence the stillness vocalizing the null,
From the blank slate view to the ceiling of the sky.

Life for life,
Dead or deprived,
The cacophony of the carnival disregarded ,
Only shadows and memories,
Lingering in the custody  of the earth,
Carried on the endless journey of the wind
We call nothingness.

Their orifices are alive with selfish yield
We have no tongue to speak.

Drained of existence,
Once we sheltered in the hollow inside.
Now we are spectres
Ghosts of the flood
Someday the rains will come again
So long we have waited
Lost between planes
Nothing but the echo of a perpetual utterance
We will dance in the gathering waters,
When breath shudders coldly,
Through the carcass of our essence,
Bringing out throats alive,
Drowning stone and dust,
We will call again.

Call to the perpetual,
Empty skies with aeonian lies,
Clouds which despise,
To whom we call abode again .
eleanor prince Dec 2016
as one stage empties
slow shuffle exit
another curtain will

waiting for that spark
an instant in time
silent explosion

stylus on rock face
outline of past forms
a mountain's sudden

as eagle marks
still moments
above a darkened

brooding dawn
fights clouds'

and man's spirit
lifts high and
at last


- - - - - -
Sometimes poems don't easily flow for a time.  Perhaps we are trying to have each one just perfect.  This off the cuff poem arose spontaneously and is dedicated to Kamala  from (ending 31/12/16) who has wonderful talent.  This is my welcome poem to him if he finds his way here:
Take care - you are a brilliant poet - it sits there waiting for that spark - a turn of the head, a cloud formation, a child's sudden laugh on distant wind, the roar of a river...
an eagle soaring steady, ominous, yet beautiful - as a sullen dawn over a brooding sea - ah! I feel it stir in you - it is there...
for you are a true poet, my friend, so let it fly free...!
I found this pic on Flickr to accompany this post - it's worth viewing:
SassyJ Apr 2016
The rattle is shaken and life becomes unfixed
Torrential rains cascades downwards on ancient bricks
These stunning moments have been rediscovered
In wonder all is flustered in awe as the state of silence honks
Love creeps out of tune in time, the unsureness of cold feet
The voice fades, the toned whispers continually erased
Stormed and soaked, stilled and stalked by a heart that stole my dream
Drenched in uncertainty, non-favouring multitudes won't let me be
These flutters flattens and deflated, I stroll and I will not run
The floating fun fares vanishes, the morning bird furnishes
The time capsule evaporated, unstripped and frozen

Ohh, how I wished to plant and harvest inspiration
Wake up with a renewed breath of air, the flowing river
Of the days when the gloom masked, I hated what life had become
How could humanity be so self centred and selfish?
I looked for silence and the banging never ceased
The masses rushed, never to let me be, they snatched my freedom
I inhaled the hope of the freeness and longed for the racing momentums

How so?
That over time the weather collapsed to coldness, the darkness marbled
A nag of the songbirds, as I escaped in the ****** ozone layer
A disconnect of the mind, body and soul; when I saw my spirit sail
A snail sailing on its own course and journey slowly but steady
Reflections and visions of the timeline of growth and fertility
A heart of one, the soul of all, the mind of many, a tongue in sums
The chandelier hanged on a ceiling, high, holding the flickering bulbs
A condense of energy, the modelled nature of a prognostic intervention
A laughter and synergy rests in the symphony of the unsung melodies
Wilkes Arnold Apr 2016
I was in a dream when Silence called
And woke me from my shallow sleep,
Though it's ring raked my ears I stalled to meet my feet,
Yet through the darkness I soon crawled
To hear the quiet weep,
A tearful tale it unveiled that I dare not repeat
It echoes in the mind it galled
What thoughts it's specter reaps,
I was dreaming when Silence called
It knows I never sleep
Would like to know what you think
And critical comments are welcome
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