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shrieks from the fallen ones
haunt your memories
faces slowly fading away
as the time rushes by

yet everything seems paused
moving along in slow motion
watching everyone else live their lives
smiling, laughing, enjoying their time

while you sit back and wonder
what happened here
why me, why us
things could have been better, different

how have i managed to survive
can’t believe i made it this far
i had your help
and now i have nothing

the silence stings
but the emptiness hurts the most
cupboards left open
couch cushions askew

stains on the carpet
hard to accept the fact
that bang bang bang
that slash slash slash

has now led to you all

i’m sorry
Johnny walker Mar 16
Lay your all dreams
upon now just so I can remember how
were for as I grow older my memory fades with each year that passes
Sweetheart lay your dreams upon me  
now for my memory fading fast with
day that passes by don't know to how much I'll
be able to remember
with each year that passes
Start getting old the memory fade a little with each passing year
Quin Rosenheart Sep 2018
Faded smiles

Grey skies

Black water

Darkened eyes

Sleepless nights

Dimmed lights

Hopless fights

Last goodbyes
clever Jul 2018
you'll be the love of my life until my tan fades away,
then we'll walk through the halls and be strangers again
Poetic T Apr 2018
I want to reboot my life,
           to clear the files of

                    wrong decisions.

My mainframe of thought
            still has echoes
of deleted files.
Nothing is really rebooted.

I'll keep deleting those files
        till the time there just
            as echoes can be heard
      but obscurity eventually fades.
Celeste Briefs Mar 2018
each muscle in my body
fades like fingerprints
from a window in winter
I wish I was stronger

each thought in my mind
comes and goes like passing time,
every second an image
as blurry as my face in the mirror

my emotions condense
on the surface of my skin,
my fingers quiver,
tracing pictures on the glass

these bones I hide within me
crumble in the wind
flying like sand across the sea
I may never see them again
Cold snow down my pants
another snowball fight defeat
a good reason to wrestle
with you *****
after some cocoa and some ***
while the death march
plays on TV
like an unending blizzard
that buries us all
with fallen ice palaces
and icicle spires
which pierce us
as they fall
before it all fades
to white
On the Occasion of the Trump win and GOP majority along with confirmed Nazis in the Cabinet.
Poetic T Nov 2016
life is a fragment of thought that we live within
                             and when that moment fades
             so does the sight of our being.
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