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SerenaDuru Oct 2021
When you stood back and let go, our love fell on me, and crushed, I lay there wondering if I could ever get back up. I didn’t want to leave our love as you did, it was too precious to be abandoned… but to you it was worth leaving, and I started to see that our love had just been mine the whole time… you held with your fingertips what I offered with my hands, both afraid we failed anything beautiful that could have been …
SerenaDuru Oct 2021
And she was left to cry,
All the tears he refused to…
SerenaDuru Sep 2021
Had I known you would leave me, my love, I would never have reached my finger tips in your direction.

How cruel is your absence, that I find myself cursing every thought of you. How cruel is your willingness to leave me to live or die… Had I known how cruel you were I never would have loved you.

I wish and wish and wish that I could hold you in my arms, and feel you breathing for me. I love you, and I hate myself for loving you.

I wish that I could forget you, but what a useless world that is. You don’t love me, and I scream in pain because I know you don’t love me. But I am not completely insane, you made love to me as if we were the only two people here…

I wish that I could be relieved from this pain, but you are the remedy and you don’t want to cure me anymore. You want to forget me, and that I could never understand… why forget a love that would put angels to shame…
SerenaDuru Apr 2021
Why is it that it is when I am most alone, I feel most present?
I feel like an alien on Earth. I do not understand how I was birthed here.

My home is beyond my physical state, my home is beyond my emotions, and even my desires. My home is where none of those things could dream to reach, in all their perversity and incapability. I will not hurry from Earth, but I do know that this does not even slightly resemble my home.

How blessed I am to know what I am not.
SerenaDuru Apr 2021
Do not be fooled by my smile,
I am not at peace when I laugh,
I am not home when I am in ecstasy,
I wish to feel the settlement of my heart,
Within the warmth of your hand.

No one has the slightest effect on me,
Like you do.
I always keep you in mind,
Even in the arms of another.
SerenaDuru Aug 2020
Someone please take my pen away,
For I cannot even bear to face in words the lamentation of my heart!
I cannot bear to acknowledge that I will never kiss my love again!
SerenaDuru Aug 2020
Ye hosts of sadness,
And hatred
Of cruel and selfish nature,
Are not welcome here!

I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love ...
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