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SerenaDuru Jul 15
For Man that worships Man is a dog that chases his own tail
SerenaDuru Jul 4
I have your heart, you just have to earn it.
SerenaDuru Jul 2
Oh my,
A lady who pines for a man is proposterous
A lady shall never pine for a man
That is not her role
A lady must answer to a Man
A yes rather
Or a no sir
But to think she has a say on who she shall have
Is to take the role of a King

And imagine a world where the lady be a King
What a wonderfully unlearned world that would be
SerenaDuru Jul 2
So what now?

What now? Now we heal. For the kiss she gave us left a scar, her touch left our skin burnt and charred. Our eyes have been seared so that we only see ashes, I don’t want to live in this world that she crumbled in her flames.

For though she danced with us, and her fire warmed our hearts, they were just an illusion of us burning alive.
SerenaDuru Jul 2
And his men cried
“Cut her heart out!
So that we shall feast upon what we want to feel”
SerenaDuru Jul 1
My love
I wish we would not part
I wish our bodies stayed intertwined forever
I wish your lips stayed pressed on mine until the world collapsed and the sun burnt us all in it’s flames
SerenaDuru Jun 29
My darling,
My sweet darling
I’m sorry for making you believe that you could ever be enough
For a greedy Man like me
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