How fucked up is it,
That now that I'm finally happy,
I can't seem to write.

Alexia Noel Mar 15

They always said
'To love others you must first love yourself.'
I was a seasoned veteran in self-hate.
But you....Oh god, you...
I loved you so much
That for even the briefest moment
I forgot how much I hated myself.
Then I fucked up
And remembered again.
And I showed you my hate
And you understood.
You understood...
Then you hated me, too.

hate hated self-hate love broken broken-hearted fucked fuck you
Alexia Noel Mar 13

I always wanted to be loved
By someone who hurt me less than I hurt myself.
But you...Oh god, you...
You gave me the poison-dipped dagger that pierced my soul.
You got me hooked on your acid blood.
I was addicted to your grip around my throat,
I was addicted to every second of the pain.
You hurt me.
And I let you.
Because you made me believe
I was hurting myself.
And your tonic of pain was the only thing that would heal me.

Alexia Noel Mar 9

Her eyes are the ever-changing, iridescent windows to her soul.
Such a precious object she trusts with so few people,
Maybe that's why she always look down when she speaks.

Alexia Noel Mar 8

I've become so convincing in the role of myself,
I'm starting to believe it's actually me.

Alexia Noel Mar 8

You say that my body is a sacred temple,
I agree.
And just as Michelangelo christened the sacred walls of the Sistine Chapel with his handiwork,
So I will carve the sacred walls of my body with the hieroglyphics of my story.

The taste of your cherry lipstick
ripped the air right out of my lungs....

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