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Hannah Noel Mar 1
I've become so convincing in the role of myself,
I'm starting to believe it's actually me.
Hannah Noel Mar 1
I told you from the beginning...
If you touch me,
You'll hurt me.
You heard me,
So you laid your hands on me to pray
The best intentions can be harmful.
Hannah Noel Nov 2020
How can I explain to you
That the numbness isn't a lack of all emotion.
It's all the emotions crushed into my tiny heart.
It's bursting at the seams and I'm so overwhelmed
That I don't want any of it anymore.
That's what the numbness is.
Hannah Noel Nov 2019
You say that my body is a sacred temple.
I agree.
And just as Michelangelo christened the sacred
Walls of the Sistine Chapel with his handiwork,
So I will paint the sacred walls of my body
With the hieroglyphs of my story.
Hannah Noel Nov 2019
My mind is infected.
Something is holding it
Something won't let go.
Something is turning my mind black
My heart black
My soul black.
Save me
Something says no.
Something is taking over.
Don't save me
Don't help me.
Something helps me.
Something is there for me.
I am Something.
Hannah Noel Nov 2019
I loved you.
And I think you loved me.
But I gave you flowers
And you used them for my funeral.

— The End —