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MB Feb 13
Haven’t written in a day
Nothing much to say
While I wither away
I just wonder if they noticed
MB Feb 13
I’ve missed you sadness
I’ve been pushing you off
Keeping busy
But your tang
Your forbidden kisses
On my wrist-

The pain
Gets me so high
I miss feeling something
MB Jan 31
blonde hair has faded
from a golden yellow
to a dull brown-
her brights eyes - now glassy,
her youthful face - now rough.

Oh, how I miss her sunshine!

The girl in my past yearbooks,
her eyes haunting me in my mirror-
someone better go save her,
the girl with the
bright blonde hair.
my mom asked me why I was sad
I just did not bear to fake it that night
I'm always sad- you just never noticed
MB Jan 13
Whisper broken promises
I’ve heard them all before

Tell me all your excuses
I have them memorized word for word

Tell me pretty lies
Nothing you can do is new

The precedent was set before I was born-
Before anything had to do with you.

Just please promise you will stay
Because he never did.

Now I sit here and wait
Waiting for your text,
Waiting for his call,  
Or for the letter signed-
Waiting up for you to show up-
but u never did
  Jan 13 MB
Grayce Hobart
i go on
knowing and ignoring
that you still love me
MB Jan 13
They say that relationships don't work endless you love yourself-
that you can't love someone if your not happy alone.  

That may be a problem-
but then why do I love my hands when your hands hold them?
or my legs when they are entangled in yours?
or my cheeks when you kiss them?
or my smile when you laugh?

is that close enough?
to love myself with you...
or are we doomed?
lets hope that they are lying
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