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Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
~  ❀    ✾    ❀ ~

         My heart will bloom like a lotus
                         under the summer sun

     My petals kissed by passion flames
             a languid breeze strokes my lips

        The mouth to my heart opens from
             mud waters as a crown in light

~  ❀    ✾    ❀ ~
The inspiration continues! I have more Lantern poems in the works, but this is another form of poetry I enjoyed! This is a Sijo, a fabulously short musical lyric practices by Korean poets, to whom it is dedicated! ^-^
Information for Sijo poems is here - go to slide 7&8 (
Each line has be 14-16 syllables resulting a grand total of 44-46 syllables.
Mine is 14-15-16 syllable line by line with a total of 45!
I swear, my love for East Asia continues to grow.
It's giving me such a buzz!

~  ❀    ✾    ❀ ~

I'll definitely do more Sijo poems and Lantern poems!
Be back soon!
Lyn **

© '❀✾ Inner Lotus ✾❀' by Lyn-Purcell
Wren Djinn Rain Aug 2015
Here comes the sun in all its glory
tracing the hemisphere in its slow
rise over rubble, but first the tallest
steel and concrete dedications to
the lives living high while their
green shadow casts below over
the desecrated. I see bright night light
shining blue. I see wide, wild light
only high noon. Morning, all day
veins are caving under the rubble
under the tallest.
Here comes the nasty truth, suited
in belts clasped with wealth for
well being, beating the lies with
a dollar sign, until the ugliness
of the first story presses like
meat into the underneath, under
the detritus concealing lives in
the dirt with the needles.
I see bright night light shining blue
in the park restrooms. I see wide, wild
light only high noon from the under-bridge,
waiting for trains to come crush.
gunning for what?
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
I have a blue blanket, it looks corduroy but it's synthetic polynesian cotton.
Considered by some to be polyester. After the ninth year of ownership I started
Telling house guests it had always been mine; but secretly knowing it came from my
Ex Kristina who left it with some of her other things in 2005 in my grand deluxe Evanston
Apartment. In like some really awesome way, I could fold the corners together to see little blocks
Of the Universe form cubes in the fourth dimension and gain a better understanding of my own
Little black shmata. Top drawer, white dresser, in the back with the leftover girlfriend underwear between
My first ever stuffed animal dog/rabbit.

Amazing how these thinned and frayed azure threads had held so many midnight conversations Together- maybe fifteen other girls had nuzzled with Kristina's blanket. Last year the guilt set in. You Watch a girlfriend, say, ratchet through your room naked for something soft to put over her to listen to
Some half-stanza from the new Yeats critical and that, do-I-tell-her feeling comes over you. Blue Polyester really had a way with women. My last serious crush, the one of six months, the one from the place that was close to where I worked six days a week, would you believe, she had not interest in that heap of thread, under my pillows spying on us sleep for twenty-four long weeks.

"Drop in the bucket" the sixty-year-olds say. I say, bring me my ******* fourth dimension blocks and cubes *******. I want to visit the existential, I want to experience the hoo-ra and Ga-Ga those kids throw around on Milwaukee waiting for $150 NBA slippers.

Wednesday is my day for telling the truth.
2:00p.m. sitting in the front of her alizarin El Dorado.
"I have something I have to tell you,"  I said, my mouth practically filled with marbles as I barely could Utter the words: it's not going to work out.
Written For Jeff Sherfey
Marian Mar 2014
A very sweet girl
A new friend of mine
One I do hold dear
She loves pets too
Wrote a heartwarming poem
For me and Lady Jane
So we three are good friends
A group of girls
Merry laughter and happy giggles
Sound across the air
And fade in the distance
Mixing with the song of a violin
Such a lovely symphony
I am playing for her
Hoping against hope
It makes her smile

Hope you like this, KatRose!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Expect two more poems!! (: ~~~~<3
You should check out KatRose's poems!!! :)
Here's the link to her page:
Hope you all enjoy this poem...especially you, Kat!!! :) ~~~~<3
Marian Mar 2014
We're cuddled up together
Your paw clings to my arm
Nails ejecting cling to my arm
"Stay with me, please"
She seems to beg
Eyes of gold look into my blue eyes
And I hurriedly let her have her way
Purring beside me
Keeping my arm warm
Leaning her head into
The warmth in the crook of my arm
She smiles her feline grin
And I gently kiss her furry head
You are like a little candle
Producing happiness and light
So curl up beside me
While I type my poetry
That I dedicate for you
Now and then stopping
Between typing words
To stroke your silky
Furry body, sweet Lady Jane

This is dedicated for my beautiful kitty-cat companion, Lady Jane!!! :) ~~~~<3
She is such a sweetheart and I always cherish her presence!! :) ~~~<3
I enjoy and treasure every minute by her side!!! (: ~~~~<3
She is my very best friend for sure and certain!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Lady Jane, I love you, honey!!! (: ~~~<3
Marian Mar 2014
Lady Jane is sweet
Lady Jane is dear
I always like to whisper
Right into her little ear

Lady Jane is cute
Lady Jane is funny
Sometimes she'll come
And lay down on my tummy

My Lady Jane is a princess
My Lady Jane is a Queen
And her beauty even from
Great distances can be seen

My Lady Jane is a fairy
My Lady Jane is fair
And if look closely you can see
The wind blowing her silver hair

My Lady Jane will mew
My Lady Jane will purr
And in all the world
There's not another cat like her

This is written for my cat Lady Jane!!! :) ~~~~~<3
She really is a Princess!!! (: ~~~~<3
I love her so much!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this poem, my HP friends!! (: ~~~~~~<3

— The End —