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Samuel Nov 2018
Why am I always in pain?
I leave a stain on the world I'm in
A stain of red so bright and bold
It might just block out this heart of gold

When did I become so broken?
So numb and insecure
I guess when my soul was shattered
By one I thought I could trust the most

How was I supposed to know
You were so cruel and mean
What was I to do
But find someone to be

Someone who thought they couldn't be
At par with all the rest
Someone whose life meant nothing more
Than one simple passed test

Someone who could love the broken
The bruised and insecure
But one who could not be loved
By those he holds so dear

So take this gift I give
A thought in a small story
I feel that's more than you deserve
For making me so gory

And for my battered broken heart
Still pumping flakes of gold
Remember all the good in people
Don't stop until you're old

So old you can not even talk
So old you can not think
And even then please don't forget
This worlds' pure heart of gold
The Black Raven Jan 2015
Chris, a boy whose smile
Can make your heart melt
Like Ice cream on your face
Recipy for a great date;
-laugh so hard you snort
-shove ice cream in eachothers face
-chase eachother around a park
-Acting like you're 10 years old
Eli Seth Salazar Nov 2014
Body, mind, and soul.
could anyone ask for more?
You were unfaithful
you were a waste of my time
I could not be more happy to be rid of you
I could not be more sad to have even loved you
Falling in love is an
Absolutely terrifying thing.
When you love a person,
They expect you to
Let them in.
They want to witness the
Corners of your heart and mind,
Both light and dark.
But I can’t help but be
That my shadows will
Scare you away.
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep
If I make it through the night
I guess I've won another fight

Listen Lord, for now I pray
I wish to live another day
I've been bad since my beginning
I've been involved in lots of sinning

It's time I made a choice and turned toward a better road
It's time to leave my past behind
I've prayed before but was not committed
I was afraid of what I'd find

Lord, help me make it through the night
Show me how to reach the light
I only ask for one small sign
I'll give you all I have that's mine

I've found salvation in a glass
In needles and in smoke
Lord, that is just where I've been
Since the last time that we spoke

Many folks have come to me
To try show me the way
I toasted them on their way out
And continued on life's play

Now, I've had enough of all
The hurting and the pain
So, Lord, I pray to you this night
Will you listen once again?

Now I lay me down to sleep
A sinner through and through
Just let me make it through the night
Just tell me what to do

I put my faith in what I see
I don't believe in other's words
So, Lord, just help me this one time
Show you listened and you heard

— The End —