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Lawrence Hall Oct 2021
Lawrence Hall

                     Money in a Tin Can Buried in the Back Yard

Early this morning to the bank’s drive-through
Which, after the lobby model, was closed
There was no sign about when it would open
Only news that the bank had been sold and bought

So what is my bank going to be named nest week?

Velcro Sign State Bank
The Bank of What’s Happening Now
The Whatever We’re Named This Week Bank
Fill-in-the-Blank Bank
Guess Who We Are Bank
Mystery Bank
Random String of Consonants Bank
A Big Bank that Devours Other Banks Bank

More and more often banks are locked and barred -
Less useful than a tin can buried in the yard
A friend commented on the incessant bank takeovers and name changes with, "Banks might as well put up their signs with Velcro."
Kelvin Githinji Apr 2021
Everyday style up and give thanks
Even though you're not visiting banks
Just have in mind nothing of all is cranks
Crank enough to find taps on top of tanks
Positive energy🔥🔥
Hammad Jan 2021
Walking side by side
For million miles
amd yet
Like the two river banks
Banks - Lincoln

Milemarker twenty-seven says we’re on the way to Heaven
And I smile at the passenger seat
Forty miles from Chicago
There is snow on the windshield
And you’re downtown dragging your feet

Now I’m circling the block around Union Central Station
And there are bullets flying into the car
It’s the same as it’s always been
It’s the same as it’s always been

Two-hundred miles from Chicago:
There is blood on the windshield
And I am reeling as you gather your things
I said I don’t know what to do anymore
As if I knew what to do before
I can **** up almost anything

I don’t think that I would exactly call it love
But it’s dripping down my consciousness
As you’re slipping down my lungs

I want to build you a protest out of sticks and rocks
I find in the backyard behind the house you grew up in
In loving memory of all our nonconformity
I want to sing you a signal that reaches only the ears
Of young disenfranchised straight white boys
Because that would feel normal, and none of this does

I don’t think that I would exactly call it love
But it’s dripping down my consciousness
As you’re slipping down my lungs

So save it for a rainy day and maybe then you’ll see
That I am like the earth, old man, there’s no way around me

But even in my dreams
I still don’t know the difference between
What it is I want and what it is I need
I wanna see you be brave
I wanna see you surviving
I wanna see both of us
Prospering and thriving separately

I want the catharsis of knowing
Something bad’s about to happen
But also knowing that I can’t do anything about it
Because your new house just don’t shine
Quite like the one you grew up in used to
I wanna come and visit
I wanna see this through, but
I never will because you’re just not what I need
And I am just not what you want
Though you’re in everyone I meet and

We’ll say **** the banks but we’ll still use them every day
And when we fight amongst ourselves
The banks will say “Okay
Have you been spending all your capital on causes you deem just? You keep doing what you can, we’ll keep doing what we must.”
So despite what you have learned
In songs for which you’d take a bullet
You won’t find objective truth
In a final rhyming couplet
A couplet, a couplet, a couplet...
A poem every day
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Banks o' Doon
by Robert Burns
modern English translation by Michael R. Burch

Oh, banks and hills of lovely Doon,
How can you bloom so fresh and fair;
How can you chant, diminutive birds,
When I'm so weary, full of care!
You'll break my heart, small warblers,
Flittering through the flowering thorn:
Reminding me of long-lost joys,
Departed―never to return!

I've often wandered lovely Doon,
To see the rose and woodbine twine;
And as the lark sang of its love,
Just as fondly, I sang of mine.
Then gaily-hearted I plucked a rose,
So fragrant upon its thorny tree;
And my false lover stole my rose,
But, ah!, he left the thorn in me.

“The Banks o’ Doon” is a Scots song written by Robert Burns in 1791. It is based on the story of Margaret (Peggy) Kennedy, a girl Burns knew. Keywords/Tags: Robert Burns, song, Doon, banks, Scots, Scottish, Scotland, translation, modernization, update, interpretation, modern English
Keerthi Apr 2020
Hot air blowing under the noon sky
beads of sweat trickling vermilion on the frowned brow
Ssss Ssss
exhaustion slipped from raisin lips
Thump Thump
clothes pulsated on a flat river stone.
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2019

This poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled "किनारों का निश्छल प्रेम " published in anhadkriti (Dec. 2017) Can be read through the link ==>>


Only water streams of the river
meets in the Ocean
The banks of the river
never meets with each other
they always stand face to face
but do not come near

If one comes near sometimes
The other moves far and away
To maintain the Distance
It's not so, that they
do not want to meet

But if they will meet  
The river will not stay
That too will become a pond
Its water will also rot
Its continuous flow will stop

To maintain the existence
Of the free flowing river
For welfare of living beings
For quenching their thirst
Its very very important
the banks should never meet

The truth is that they are one
even if they are not able to meet
What is life? Life is love
What is love, it's Sacrifice
Without sacrifice, love is lifeless

The banks have completely understood
the essence and decided their destiny
that they shall never ever meet
For the welfare of the world
Its essential, important and mandatory

Banks are disciplined
By their own self-discipline
If the river also follows discipline
Inspired by the discipline of banks
Its beauty gradually increases
Peoples bow and pray to the river
With great respect and devotion

But whenever water streams of river
Encroaches the boundary of the banks
they are criticized and reprimanded
As it betrays the love
betrays the sacrifice
betrays the benevolence of the banks

by completely forgetting and
tarnishing the efforts of banks
And Take away with them
Hundreds of homes
And finally earn disrespect

Well, the existence of the edges
is also because of the water stream
If the edges meet with each other
They will lose their own identity

So, this subtle concept needs to be
Understood clearly and deeply
'Devotion persists only uptill the
desires remain un-fulfilled'
If one is able to see the God

and gets his desire fulfilled, then
the devotee ceases to be a devotee
his devotion disappears immediately
and he often gets angry with God

So the Banks of river
always pray to god
'Our love should remain forever
But like parallel lines
We should never meet each other

Because of us the river must exist
Water streams must stay forever
And remain as a medium
for communicating our love
towards each other'

Such guileless love of the banks
Where else on earth can be seen?
God also salutes their true love
I wish their love should remain alive

It's not always like -
that the shores never meet
Yes, two banks of same river
Do not meet with each other
But a bank of a river
Sometimes manages to meet
with the bank of another river

Because in such case there is
absolutely no fear of
the water streams getting stagnant
The water stream of two rivers
joins with each other
and is called 'confluence'
Its importance increases
Its respect also increases

If one bank of first river meets
another bank of second river
then the second bank of the first river
never minds at all
and never ever gets sad
Its love remains constant as it was

unconditional and unbiased
Moment moment every moment
Second second every second
Let's bow before such
True and unconditional love
Hundred and Thousand Times
True Love Everywhere. Lets Feel It
Louder than my voice, You have spoken in me
Deeper than my longing, You have sprung eternal
Beyond my foresight, You are prophesying to me
After all my reason, You are unimaginable (unfolding unimaginable things)

Before my expectation, You've exceeded what is conceivable
In the most secret place, You consume completely
And deep calls out to deep

Above a kingdom's reach, Your reign overcomes
Beneath the meaning of existence, Your laws dictate reality
At the moment of seeking, You have sought and found
Greater than my strength, You uphold the infinite (and I within it more carefully)

In the fulfillment of time, You are waiting
With the wisdom of ages, Your ways are everlasting
And deep calls out to deep, whispering your fullness:

"If there is faith, You are believed."
"If there is hope, You are looked upon."
"If there is love, You are reflected."
Em MacKenzie Feb 2019
Noun: a secret plan by a group
to do something unlawful and harmful.
Verb: the action of plotting or conspiring.

Conspiracy theorists,
are actually theorists of conspiracy,
while those in charge conspire.
While it’s easy to shrug off
and dismiss as “crazy,”
if you do the research
and dig down the rabbit hole,
you might start to question things
as well.

Take neither the red or blue pill,
as the pharmaceutical companies
will profit more from slow treatment,
or placebo effect, than they ever would from curing you once.
But open your eyes, and squint
to see, truly see, the world around you.

Why budget more into a military
than a healthcare or education system,
if you don’t intend to profit from it?
Industrial Military War Complex
is a real term and it’s definition
is dollar signs and blood.
The government is no longer politicians, but investors.

Sure some of us get a bad rap,
and we’re grouped in with the
eccentric or uneducated,
or just flat out theatrical.
But we’re the believers.
The ones who know that a society
is not just a structure, it’s a well
oiled, well designed machine
to keep the bottom on the bottom
and the top on the top.

I can’t say for sure that the Queen is a lizard,
and I’m pretty certain the world is
not flat,
but can any of us truly know?
Besides the Queen and those lucky few who travel to space...
how do you know for sure?
Even astronauts can be put into
a stasis, placed inside a simulation
and not know of it.
They would think they’re floating
in a satellite above our planet,
up until someone broke the
airlock, and they weren’t killed.

You see what I did there?
I took it too far.
And that’s what gets us the reputation of being crazy.
Would it be too crazy to believe,
those who take it a touch too far
are government plants to provide
an illusion of insanity
and discredit us completely?
You’ve heard of crisis actors,
but are their theorist actors?

Just know that the American government and CIA did once
(that we know of)
mull over the possibility of a False Flag Operation,
but on paperwork they rejected it.
The fact that the idea of attacking your own citizens to justify invasions of other countries
and create warfare was even on the table,
are the things that keep me on edge.
And should keep you on edge too.

I could go on forever about the
inconsistencies in testimonials,
footage, and Warren Commission Reports.
About common sense and intuition,
cold hard facts and brutal realities.
But, it’s not my job to pop balloons of blissful ignorance,
and those who don’t wish to see
the truth will forever stare at a counterfeit world telling themselves
it’s the real deal.

Anarchy would never work,
and communism could never be fair.
But democracy is made up of
well known names and popular
faces, of occasionally publicly approved personalities,
who are in turn overcome with
greed and then bought out and controlled by corporations and the big banks we entrust our salaries to.
They have our money, but not our
best interest at heart.
It’s like paying for a therapist
who will disregard everything you say, and then tell you to get back in line.

If someone aspires to have a position where they mediate and alter a group of people’s structure,
don’t you think they might have a power issue?
That if money makes the world go ‘round,
we’re all just numbers and barcodes?
And that maybe, it’s just safer for
those who make the world turn
to tell us what we want to hear
while showing us images of how
much worse it could be?
Just throwing down some knowledge. HP is even having trouble letting me post this........conspiracy?
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