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Em MacKenzie Feb 5
Noun: a secret plan by a group
to do something unlawful and harmful.
Verb: the action of plotting or conspiring.

Conspiracy theorists,
are actually theorists of conspiracy,
while those in charge conspire.
While it’s easy to shrug off
and dismiss as “crazy,”
if you do the research
and dig down the rabbit hole,
you might start to question things
as well.

Take neither the red or blue pill,
as the pharmaceutical companies
will profit more from slow treatment,
or placebo effect, than they ever would from curing you once.
But open your eyes, and squint
to see, truly see, the world around you.

Why budget more into a military
than a healthcare or education system,
if you don’t intend to profit from it?
Industrial Military War Complex
is a real term and it’s definition
is dollar signs and blood.
The government is no longer politicians, but investors.

Sure some of us get a bad rap,
and we’re grouped in with the
eccentric or uneducated,
or just flat out theatrical.
But we’re the believers.
The ones who know that a society
is not just a structure, it’s a well
oiled, well designed machine
to keep the bottom on the bottom
and the top on the top.

I can’t say for sure that the Queen is a lizard,
and I’m pretty certain the world is
not flat,
but can any of us truly know?
Besides the Queen and those lucky few who travel to space...
how do you know for sure?
Even astronauts can be put into
a stasis, placed inside a simulation
and not know of it.
They would think they’re floating
in a satellite above our planet,
up until someone broke the
airlock, and they weren’t killed.

You see what I did there?
I took it too far.
And that’s what gets us the reputation of being crazy.
Would it be too crazy to believe,
those who take it a touch too far
are government plants to provide
an illusion of insanity
and discredit us completely?
You’ve heard of crisis actors,
but are their theorist actors?

Just know that the American government and CIA did once
(that we know of)
mull over the possibility of a False Flag Operation,
but on paperwork they rejected it.
The fact that the idea of attacking your own citizens to justify invasions of other countries
and create warfare was even on the table,
are the things that keep me on edge.
And should keep you on edge too.

I could go on forever about the
inconsistencies in testimonials,
footage, and Warren Commission Reports.
About common sense and intuition,
cold hard facts and brutal realities.
But, it’s not my job to pop balloons of blissful ignorance,
and those who don’t wish to see
the truth will forever stare at a counterfeit world telling themselves
it’s the real deal.

Anarchy would never work,
and communism could never be fair.
But democracy is made up of
well known names and popular
faces, of occasionally publicly approved personalities,
who are in turn overcome with
greed and then bought out and controlled by corporations and the big banks we entrust our salaries to.
They have our money, but not our
best interest at heart.
It’s like paying for a therapist
who will disregard everything you say, and then tell you to get back in line.

If someone aspires to have a position where they mediate and alter a group of people’s structure,
don’t you think they might have a power issue?
That if money makes the world go ‘round,
we’re all just numbers and barcodes?
And that maybe, it’s just safer for
those who make the world turn
to tell us what we want to hear
while showing us images of how
much worse it could be?
Just throwing down some knowledge. HP is even having trouble letting me post this........conspiracy?
Johnny walker Jan 16
They've victimised the most vulnerable of our society the poor disabled
What Have They Ever Done For Us food banks kids going to school hungry benefit cuts universal credit dead In the water
A complete and utter mess Parliaments like a bunch of unruly school kids trying to vote on what sweets they Should
Apart from That What Has The Government Ever Done For Us but In 9 years they have ruined a once great
I used to be proud to be part of, So anybody what have they ever done for
Got the Idea of this poem from The Life Of Brian a sean What did the Romans ever do for us
Nonty phython
Poetic T Mar 2018
We are all zombies
          of the institution,
when will stop following
the others that walk through
life feeding of others misfortune..

Break the shackles of life,
               don't walk, run free.
Be yourself not a clone stumbling
on roads to no where..
      Walk paths that others fear to tread.
aurora kastanias Oct 2017
Two coffee shops, one left one right, ancient
History of modern Rome, post-war families saving
Ethiopian delights, surviving selling beans rebuilding
The Eternal City, bringing back normality by drugging

Insanity. I knew them both since I was a child, holding
My father’s hand while he drank, the elixir and I
Ate my tramezzino looking up at his smile. Contagiously
Spreading the good vibes as he joked, with young

Bartenders sons, of local bar owners serving
Residents. Went to each yesterday, one for cigarettes
The other, for corretto, another way to gulp a drop
Of spirit disguising, in the tiny cup, of a dark mask.

Young tapsters have grown old yet remain, brewing
In solitude, relatives absent some departed.
At the cashier two Chinese ladies discovered, to be
The wives of new owners, foreigners employing

Italians, weird products of migration, for ambitious
Populations conquering integration, as their kids
Go to the same school as mine and locals mock
The change, living in the glory of the past, when

National espresso only charged, seven hundred lire
European currency exchanged, in ninety cents for those
Who don’t know, triple its original price. My bank
Stuck in the middle of the two has also changed

In twenty years, my first account at eighteen
Transformed, me into the witness of many comes
And goes, directors and vice, bankers and services
Evolving to reward, my loyalty with fraud.

Two nights ago it shamelessly stole, fifty euros of me
Claiming, inexistent liabilities on a contract that had none.
Peanuts to unconscious holders, asking explanations
To hear clerks remark, they have no idea and will

Eventually know in ten days time, when the statement
Will sentence the crime, as legal commending me to shut
Up, accept the theft, give thanks. Going tomorrow to grab
A coffee and close, twenty years of history, mine.
On change in Rome
Tyler Matthew Aug 2017
It is a wheel
rolling over you,
letting you feel
it all, leaving you
You'll be begging
it to stop,
dollars flying
from the top.
Those who turn the wheel
consider themselves holy.
Quick write
Wendell A Brown Jan 2017
The many moments we spend together
Shall never find themselves replaced
Each second we will find it to be true
From our hearts, they will never escape

All the moments are securely deposited
In their beautiful entirety each day
Like the memory banks of our computers
To replay over again while one is away

Being away from the other brings sadness
Making the hours of a day seem like years
And it’s during those times we are apart
We might even find we shed lonely tears

For in this world, we can never be assured
How long the time we have together might be
The moment might come when we’re left alone
With only a closet full of tender memories

Let’s choose to live our lives to the fullest
Never letting a moment of time to slip away
Without placing a lovely image of our true love
Deep inside our hearts treasure chest to stay.
We should always seek to embrace lasting memories in our lives each day, especially with those whom we share unconditional and genuine love!
            "Where consumers go to borrow in aid of a common good."

...because all interest is given to social causes directed to by the publicly-elected board of directors. A true good for all mankind whom wish to participate.

A real bank.

A real social institution.

That doesn't,

Sea of money, green wave it crashes...
...take it peon, take all your lashes!
Homeowners, taxpayers, nation, investor,
my hands on it all, everything; for I am molester!

Ideology, philosophy and ego,
entering your hearts, your minds; the Sea Goat!
All of it for my class, the world is our pile... I choke off the spigot and wither you Gen-tile!

Money subjugation, adorn it with laurels...

Banker am I!

The man of no morals!
Stanley Wilkin Nov 2016
It was the day the toilet broke,
the day the bank was robbed
when my wife walked out,
suitcase in hand. Her head
blown off on the pavement
in the gunfire between bank robbers
and police. It was that kind of day.
That evening I had the toilet repaired.
N: "No...
is a bank account,
the baggy underneath my mattress?
'cause that has an old sandwich in it."

M: "No,
a bank account is
where you put your money in a thing,
and people watch the thing,
and you gain interest at a really, really,
really slow rate."

N: "So what you're saying,
is a bank is a
I put my money in her,
and at a really, really,
really slow rate
I get interested in her
and people watch her,
with my money.

A bank is a *******.
I think I get it.

I have one of those."
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