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Badshah Khan Apr 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 86

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Oh Dear beloved!
My intellectual debt towards you’
One can not amply repay.

In any possible form of;
Social wealth or eternal realm.

Either in this social life,
Or on any rare day of reckoning!

To except willingly surrenders,
To you as freed serf myself,
In your devotional love!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
pk tunuri Mar 2018
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
We don't accept when people insist
But frankly, they do exist
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

They once stood at your side
Now, They lie and hide
Even though they confide and cried
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

All the thoughts of how'd they betray
All the happiness they took away
All the pain we suffer every day
All the crying they gonna repay
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

Our pride may want them dead
But then a lot of things will be left unsaid.
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
All around me
These smiling faces
With kindness in their eyes
The guy who teasingly tickles me
When he comes sneaking from behind
The girl who's always ready to listen
When I'm feeling troubled
All these people
Why is it
That they care 'bout my problems?...

Every morning
We say "hello"
And when school's out
It's "see you tomorrow"
When I feel down
They try to make me laugh
If I look lonely
They'll come and hang with me

All these people
All these smiling faces
I wonder
Why do they care about me?
I too
Want to make them laugh
I too
Want  to listen
When they need it...

I want to be able to repay them
All the things
Which they have done for me
I want to tell them
How much their help means to me
I want to show my gratitude
But how to do that?
The question leaves me confused...

Missed a class?
I send them my notes
Need help with exams?
I'll free my schedule
So I can help 'em through
I want to help them succeed
'Cause I know
That they can do it...

If they need a hand
I'll borrow them my arm
If they need a laugh
Then I'll happily play the clown
If they need to speak about something random
Then I'll listen, just carry on
If they can't fall asleep
Then I'll sing them a lullaby
I would do so many things
Just to show my friends
How much it is
That they means to me...
I just love my friends ^-^ <3
Annie McLaughlin Feb 2016
Just if you so listen, I would do anything
As soon as I stop crying, I'll crouch down on my knees
So caught up in the pleasure, you couldn't hear me plea
But that's okay, I had my time, this part is not about me
I'll come over after midnight only seeking out a shoulder
But you force me to repay you, unapologetically
I wipe my tears and strip my clothes, leaving all for him to see
Sometimes he locks me to the bed and threatens to throw the key
And all I am is a lost cause, caught up in the debris
Every night, it never stops - monotonously
And some night I may just not show up
Because I gave up on talking and letting him ***** me
Someday I will disappear,
I'll be his absentee
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
I have been born to this affluent world
Rich with diversity and nature’s delight
So many wonders mesmerize me
Benevolence is the essence of this abode
The microcosm reflecting the magnanimity
Immediately I was accepted as a tenant
Being fed from the abundance of cultivation
Fertile soils yielding bountiful harvest
Feeding me to make me stronger
I walk upon this earth with pride and joy
To see mankind and animal kingdom thrive
The camaraderie between and nature and us
It still does not say, “You owe me”
We are indebted to this planet for the largesse
Yet, not rich enough to pay back the debt
I am just a tenant, wonder if I can repay
Only way I can do that is by nurturing love within
And not to destroy this space at will
Only I can love the earth with my heart
And help, in my way to nurture its purity
Many more to come after me can be a tenant here
Let this be a reminder, we are not here to plunder

— The End —