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Lexi Sep 2023
I’ll say your name and wait for your voice but the answers I get are silence and grief.
Without you my heart will freeze to crystals of the deepest blue;
for you painfully won this game of hide and seek.
I’ve called the last and final, “where are you?”
There will be no more now that you’ve gone somewhere I cannot reach.
I will wait till the day that you and I once again meet. I’m sorry my fur baby. I’ll get through hopefully, if not barely.
I’m putting my 8 year old cat down in 3 days.. My cat was diagnosed with hepatitis and refused his pills. I crushed, watered, shoved, put in food, wrapped him up. Everything. He broke a nail trying to get away from me and I am his person. He was my moms cat but he chose me.
Yanamari Feb 2022
Dragged and drawn...
Tired and resisting sleep
Eyes barely open,
Mind barely present

A cage is not a cage because of its bars
Or the space that it provides
Or the bed that it allows
A cage is a cage because it
Turns life pointless
Holds life in its claws and
Never lands
Falling with no end
Screaming in a vacuum
Shackled to a life that disregards
Your life

Breathing never felt as it used to
I see that now
Jennifer DeLong Oct 2021
How sad it is that you
find it amusing to tease me
And it's always the 1 thing
you know is something
I am so easily hurt by
If you really cared you'd
not bring it up
Or better yet you'd
find a way to help me
So next time I hope
you say nothing
cause it may be your last
I refuse to accept it
not anymore
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 10/18/21
Dez Mar 2020
Words have weight
Cast a rude one at your mate
And he is bound to hate
Toss a kind word to elevate
And he will elate
Try it so you can relate
If what I state
Is true or inaccurate?
William A Poppen Jun 2019
Without the label of a teacher
Nonetheless things are pointed out
With care and diligence

Comments meticulously exacting
As though there is a sixth sense
About what is detailed

More than busy, attention is thorough
Rigor seeps from every statement
Oozing inside the listeners skull

How much perseverance can
Be understood while feeling
Crushed beneath a microscope’s slide
*A recent word of the day
Dolly Balou Jan 2018
"Go have a breakdown since that's all you're good at"

He doesn't realise the weight his words have on me

Words that cascade with force into my entire world

Tunnel vision showing only him

As a target

Revenge is bittersweet
Much like the black coffee, dark chocolate, and gin that I love

In hindsight revenge never does cut it

Because I never use a knife

Instead my revenge is in the form of removal

It makes no difference



That's all they are

Yet they're as sharp as a double edged sword

One side is jagged, the other smooth

Both cut


Wounds left etched through my body

Scars running like war paths over my entirety

Does he gain pleasure by putting me down?

Does making me feel worthless make him feel strong?

Or am I simply a woman who hasn't evolved past the hindrance of emotion
Miguela shine Nov 2015
Let's do this
We should do that
look I just want to read
I wanna do that
Do this with me
Selfish I feel indeed
What are you doing
Nothing I see,
Then come and do this with me
Am I bad for wanting peace
I can't have it I see
Your bad at what you do
Why do you try
I wanna do this instead
You sell me short
It hurts so much
Should I tell you......
How could you
Your negative thoughts
They depress me
I'm not allowed to feel
Your bad at every thing
God don't even try
I'm prettier
Don't you dare complain to me
Of course, I'm sorry for bringing it up
You should be
When you keep it bottled...

— The End —