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JJ Inda Sep 2020
you cast upon me
doubts and flaws;
not a single virtue
as resentment creeps.
Nirvana Mar 2016
Ever wonder if-
          Seeking in someone's life  
          was possible & ain't a crime
          whose life would you chose?
          for sure, I'll opt for yours!

Ever wonder if-
          given a chance
          to get someone's glance
          whose face would you opt?
          for sure, you're the one I got!

Ever wonder if-
          we could give away our smile
          & make others happy for a while
          whom would you give your smile to?
          for sure, every time I'll give it to you!

Ever wonder if-
          were allowed to die with peace;
          in someone's lap, who put you at ease
          whose lap would you opt for?
          for sure, I'll need yours!

Ever wonder if-
          sacrificing our life
          was possible to let others survivor
          for whom you'll sacrifice your life                                   for?
          am **** sure, I'll do it for yours!

— The End —