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Andrea Lee Bolt Apr 2021
The chalice was wood
as only a carpenter could

Worth the leap
for my Father's soul

The integration of
Divine intervention

Dues Ex Machina
you have our affection

-Dr. Jones
What can I say I'm a fantasy syfy writer and this sorta stuff just wants to come out of me sometimes, so Imma let it flow.
Andrea Lee Bolt Apr 2021
"I'll be right here"
my dear friend said to me
a tap of his finger
set my mangled heart free

He never came back
Because he never left

-The boy in the red sweater
I'm a super nerd and it comes out in my poetry a lot! Like to think as characters who I loved and helped shaped the person we are.
Andrea Lee Bolt Apr 2021
We are the Tree Poet
connection at The Source
communication via collaboration
triggers imagination

Food flows down the train
not to be sent back again
We receive when you do
all debts paid in gratitude

Blue rice is nice
while what you truly desire
always tastes best
We have access to all resources

Let us feed you

-The Trees
We love to sit with trees and connect our consciousness to theirs. We collaborate like surrendering to being a vessel only they have all our memories at our disposal so these words mean much to our being yet feel almost like in this case We are the paint not the painter. The Trees have all the wisdom We could ever need and are here ready to love you.
Andrea Lee Bolt Apr 2021
We love these Cottonwoods
Ygritte and and John Snow
living on a strong dangle
from a hillside angle

Connected at the Root
separate when they reach
to express their love for
their Father, Sun

Together as one
in the darkness below
Ygritte though
has long since passed

over the years
Snow grew closer
hugging branches
of his Beloved Ghost

The couple on our ranch
we've spent time admiring
the most.
We are a being who speaks with trees, they tell us stories and we relay these.

May the Forrest be with you.
Andrea Lee Bolt Apr 2021
The Blossoms from the Pear-less Trees
blow like Snow in this spring breeze
glistening in the sunlight
smiling as their in flight
not a care about where they land
becoming one again with our Mother
this life
one adventure after another
We live on a ranch in the Sierra Nevadas, We very much enjoy sitting and allowing Mother Earth to put on a performance for us. As we began to write this the Blossoms at that moment didn't look like Snow. I had noticed it earlier but when We sat down the Wind wasn't blowing. Once we put pen to paper and wrote "Snow in the spring breeze" it's as if Mother Earth heard us. Send a big gust a wind and it was like winter on a warm sunny day. Synchronicity is what we call it. Moments coming together to create an art piece that disappears as quickly as it was birthed. Thanks for reading.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
I stand on the ledge of a pattern
a single exhale could plummet me back into the deep
I know those monsters
I’ve fought them many times

she smirks

she knows this time
she already won
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
farts are demons
making art

let evil rip

Squeaker Pimps
Pooder Shrimps

lift a cheek
hear a glimpse

top Cheese Charts

in texas, cheap gas
cali, makes you pay out the ***
Believe it or not this is a spiritual poem. My Poppy was not only an amazing enlightened grandfather who flew P38s in WWII he was also the funniest light I ever met. the man also had a profound affinity for flatulence. He would even take a recording device into the bathroom and then listen back later on his own laughing hysterically and the music his ***** would make. While asking my guides about a pov on all this challenging energy in the world this came through as I lie here in bed this am. Imagining Poppy is visiting, bringing more light to my world as he knows how best. Using a filter over the evil making it ridiculous helps take its power away. Farts aren’t evil of course it means your body is working! I’m so grateful for my morning gas as it means I have a functioning body, I’m alive and healthy! Love you all! Mean it! We are one.
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