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Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
If you can't see me
technically I'm creeping.

That's the thing about van life at the beach.
The tinting on the windows
provide a delightful treat.

Greetings, yummy surfer meat.

Why would he change out here in the open
if he didn't want to be appreciated
for the beautiful piece of art he is?

If I touch myself, I'm a creep.
But my eyes can eat the meat.

Cold. He tenses his muscles.
I'm starved so I notice

He can't see me but-
what if I'm his destiny!

Nope. He's gone.
and I creep. yeah. But he don't know what I know.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
first time I saw you
was in a vision
so when I saw the familiar light in your eyes
it grabbed my attention

did I bake you up in a dream
how are you everything you seem
love at first sight, alright
I wanna be game

knew you were coming
left the door open
no words need spoken
have finally broken
our love chains
set me free

You know who you are
this game is our art
the act of remembering
pondering who you are
wondering why you visit this dimension
why aliens grab your attention

all the answers lay within
private bliss den
every thought ever written
level up, Neo
forget reminiscing

the unknown is calling
a daydream for good reason
knowing tomorrow
always the illusion
privacy a myth
you'll reach the same conclusion

take the red pill
grab a shovel
find your dig-nity
give till you become We

each kiss expands me exponentially
the only thing keeping you from me
is I have to accept this is my reality


You gotta tell me.

Please, honey. Darlin. Bae.

  Did my mind womb bake you in a dream completely? How are you everything you seem?

That's it. Surrender

Now I believe in the Light
cause the Lawrd naw
I just fell in love at first sight!

yes, I know there's so many roads this could blow
trust me
let's go to a new town
protect our vibe

I am in the Light and Lawrd knows I believe in love at first sight
God oh Mary oh my good Harlequin. Can I get an Amen for this goddess worshipping session?!

Frida, our soul sister.
I call Kwan our the lady of the Yin
Magdalyne! Where you been, my fierce maiden girlfriend?
Buffy the Slayer and all my guides,
MJ we forgive you, use your light to unite the tribes.
Chad Boseman we know you're with Us
plus sirens of love,
Rumi and Shams all the cosmic lover aliens sent from above
come ****** your glory on We!
For we have fell in love and wish to accept Loves Fulfillment as our divine quest!

Oh to believe
receive this oh Lords
I need a witness.

Blessed be. We will pray to any holy trinity
Us and Gods, you know we're all the same matter
so this is something I really want MAKE IT MATTER!

If I'm creating all of this, and I'm We and Us and He is me and the flicker in his pupil is part of said We
Then can we all agree that this is the best feeling sauce and the past is the past and now we know we can let it in! The chase was so fun and now we are ready to swim.

Across all ancestral ties all soul dimensions
throughout all space and time
We bring to the surface anything that may block or deny
our love at first sight
our one true love from existing in the here and now
anything real or imagined, anything we may have previously created that would conflict with this new desire and passion
We uncreate, delete and alchemize here through the void.

We call upon the most romantic energy
the divine oneness of the we
we know we wrote this story with thee
we pray for ease, grace and harmony.

Thank you for co-creating with us
this adventure
the one that's our utmost romantic encounter
no repeats only new waves of love's passion
we'll read this again if we ever feel out of fashion.

Home is where we stand in the womb of the greatest game.
Thank you for playing with Us, gods and unicorns. We'll pick one of you to name our first born.

Love you, Us, Me and the We.
We (all the people who reside inside of the consciousness that makes up the whole of who I, Andie, am. A shapeshifter if you will.) have been answering our call, accepting the quest that we have come to not preach but yeah, preach. Sans the soapbox. We spent out life being a comedian and tv writer and we see that all of that was just to prepare us for our. life's purpose. Our ego has had to die many times and it was a... hell riot. Apparently our soul wanted to give us the full extended pack version tour of the 9 circles of hell. So we reemerge a story shaman with the goal to make the journey much quicker and more enjoyable for everyone else. Part of this was healing our human body of 3 diseases. They say your mess is your message and boy did I get to trip over my purpose. Part of that is I can channel source energy. I've helped many people guide their own consciousness to healing and our purpose will be to do that on some sort of larger, clown-ier scale. I'm not religious nor was I raised that way but I do now have a relationship with just about all the Gods. I believe in all of it and that whatever you believe you are right. That like Rumi said "beyond wrongdoing and right-doing is a field, that's where I party." I stay out in thtat field and invite you to come join me. This site is creating an outlet for me to let some of this stuff out, still figuring it out and tuning our unique frequent-say. Till then, enjoy the ride who knows what's gonna come out. If anything resonate please holler! So curious as this is new consciousness expression for us in a big way.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
The tadpole begins to frog
She surrenders
expanding bones

"Am I the water
Or is it the other way around?"

Suddenly ****** into the one with everything

"Am I dead
Or is it the other way around?"

Try to become itself
or allow it to be revealed

The trees suddenly make sense to her
they've been watching her
calling her home
she longs to be held by them again
If only she could reach

Hop Hop
above the leaves
at ease

The other side of wave
while always in the middle of one

And. Then. She’s born again.
Life transitions, heavy stuff mayne.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Even Snakes have compassion
their poison isn’t just for fashion

When we go, Gods make it a fast one

Your poison paralyzed me
Gaia granted serenity

thankful for you milking me
who knew it would set us free
gone the girl I thought I wanted to be

Now I start new, again.
Ego death am I right?
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Wonder if I’ll have a baby

There’s so many but maybe
To look in the eyes
of a new Light as it
begins her adventure

Some call me crazy
cause We feel like
Earth is our baby
maybe our lady?
The lesbian lover we never knew
we yearned for.

Tik Toks
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Hello Spirit,

I can’t find you again. Feels impossible to be holding your hand all the time, co-dependency equals blasphemy.

Does it count if it’s with me?

If you are me then I need you but I am you so really I need me.

It was always right there in front of me. You.

Holding your hand,
The Narcissit
Lots of avatars inside my mech suit powered by the light.. we have lots to grow still
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020

I want you to explore the unknown parts of yourself through me.

Shackles break free when thirst turns to unity.

The feeling of being at one with the void
Independent is the 1 from the Zero
Yet excited to create the code together, heart in heart there is no other energy in the game more sweet then after you are satisfied we wash your feet.

Humbly bow to the King who hath finally revealed himself to his queen. We have loved with reckless abandon every time thinking that was you behind the light in their eyes, we took the leap only to find more lessons, more sharpening of our mastery, more compassion for who we used to be.

In your eyes we receive an achievement unlocked. Here is the place we have won our best self, we leveled up, integrated and at one with all the creatures of love, below and above.

We see the code of golden light, hold space so that you may enjoy the desire knowing your deep primal wants have already been written to be freely expressed inside of Us.

Set your Love free, let out your god seed feed on the bliss of its own creation story, it’s you we have longed for to release the dam between our hearts and all our vast expression of wondrous fire.

Néw notes of pleasure We sing discovered songs of satisfied, building out the tribe, there are so many stories we have yet to live in the frequency of Gorgeousness.

Weirdly Honest, Surprisingly Calming.

Like our first kiss when your electricity shot through our spine, like a tape hitting rewind in surrender of the tech. A beautiful mess of circuits overloading, shifting directions to dimensions of unsung awareness of possibility.

The Fantasy is Our Reality.

Living on the edge in a womb we built, free to be free, love is our hilt and there are enough Bliss Dragons to keep us busy for all eternity.
Co-creating with our One True Love calling him home.

— The End —