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Hello, Love of my life,
the one i dream of each night,
If there was ever a time I broke your heart,
I put it on my life i wont do it again

I've said "I love you" countless times
but as they say"you cant make people believe one truth when you have a mouthful of lies"
You see the good in me when i couldn't see the good in myself
This caused me to think negatively and wronged you
I'm sorry..

I know you love me for who i am and even with the wrongs you loved me still
and i will always love u from the moon and back for still trusting me all this timer
For this i shall not wrong you again
I promise..
My heart is strong-
It’s been thru pain, broken and has been betrayed
But yet it still beats on..
One years old I’m a baby in a crib laughing and crying
My skin is clear no cuts or scrapes
I’m perfectly happy

A few years pass and I’m only 5
My life turns into a mess
I fall a lot and I am being yelled at for things I didn’t do

More years pass of screaming and yelling
I’m like 8 years old
I have scratches and scrapes and bruises and scars
I even needed stitches

Im 10 years old
I’ve been bullied and jumped and tortured and harassed
But no one notices it

I’m 15 years old now and life is horrible
I’m thinking about the bad in life
And am hurt mentally and physically
I have all the scars from my past years

I just wanna give up
My life has been a waste although I’m still young
I mean I have good friends that care about me
but idk anymore...
...Idk what to do about myself...
what’s wrong with me..
I hurt people without meaning to
I try to help people but never succeed
I constantly try to make this right
but it goes wrong
I don’t know what to think
I don’t know what to feel
but now...
I can’t do a lot without crying..
My singing turns to tears..
and I can’t look people in the eyes..
I’m just the worst..and no one can tell me otherwise..
my thoughts about you
are very kind
ur my bestie
and I only say that to a very few

your kindhearted and sweet
But sometimes a ******
that won’t change
how I see u tho

Ur long hair is both soft
and easy to braid
And I can’t wait to braid it
again someday

Although we can’t be as close
as we were before
I hope you know u will always be
my bestie forever more
No one is is truly useless
Because the good people give memories and happiness
And the bad people help you think and give you lessons
We started out as strangers
Then we found out we have so much in common

Soon enough we grew closer and became friends
Now we have spoke of the basic stuff a friend should know

Then one day you was sad
So I became a shoulder for you to cry on and a person with open arms
Just in case you needed a hug
From there we became friends with benefits

We became so close we talked about other personal life
We told each other that we will always be together
I think of her as the Best bestie I could have

We talked and laughed and joked around with each other
Until one thing made us unbreakable
When I finally was able to help you
And called u my sis

Now we can’t break apart no matter who gets in our way
I know she has my back and she knows I have hers
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