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Kabhi apne aap ko bhoolti ***
Kabhi apne aap ko chunti ***
Bas dhundhti *** khud ko

Kabhi inn bikhre panno mein
Kabhi inme likhe lafzon mein
Padhti *** khud ko

Kabhi dhokha kha jane mein
Fir khud ko saza de jane mein
Maarti *** khud ko

Kabhi baarish ki awaz mein
Kabhi hawaon ki aahat mein
Dekhti *** khud ko

Kabhi bajte huwe piano mein
Kabhi gaano ke taraano mein
Sunti *** khud ko

Kabhi uski aankhon ke paani mein
Kabhi uski di hui zubani mein
Paati *** khud ko

Bas dhundhti *** khud ko
Bas dhundhti *** khud ko
ok okay Jun 27
It is stressful to be alive
To work eight till five
Hoping that you might be granted more time
Contemplation sets with the sun
And keeps you up at night

Yet once you have free time
All you can think about is why
Compulsions start to kick in
The crooked floorboards annoy you
You remembered your neighbors had drums
And about that friend who ignored you

More thinking arises
And then in a glimpse of your eye
Something beautiful is spotted

You take a closer look through your window
And see a bird in the sky
Some things can ease your stress and I cant explain why. It's all in the moment.
Susana May 16
She is running
She is running from the death
She is running from the unavoidable
From the dirt
Trying to escape
From the unavoidable
All the time
All the death
Is it enormous
Or microscopic
Is it really just another system shutting down
Or is it a dying history
A dying memory
A dying life
so often it's
the beautiful the cherished
which falls
from dusty table
LonelyPoet Apr 6
Alone, lonely, dispersed, sola, isolated, estranged, departed, emptied, hollowed, alienated...echoes inside a house that was never a home.

There were two rooms, no, three. One was lived in, one uninhabited and the last one was empty. The third one filled with clutter and failures, hopes that never took flight and goals that wilted. This one was cold. Life can't flourish during winter, this room never bloomed. A room attached to the house but navigating on its own.

Boxed inside a body, chained with crippling thoughts. Walking among many and forever pacing alone. Everything moves so fast. Face down, avoid their eyes, move faster, lower your tone, talk less, less! Don't speak at all. Don't smile, never laugh. Don't make eye contact, that's an invitation. The room will be too crowded if there are stares. Winter hates company, it thrives on solitude.

Watch it again. Create their world, recreate their dialogues, dive into their sphere. Turn the volume louder, read the subtitles. Float away from the room and become their space. Erase. Erase. Erase. Leave no trace of the self. Imagine another life, run someone else's dreams. They speak in riddles, walk away. Create a fort. Be locked away. Now there's a sound, a loud silence. Can it be heard?

It's the scream of isolation announcing its stay.
Markus Russin Mar 22
last year's worn out sweater
and birthday gift cards frame the scene
four eyes dejected marbles

but did you even notice that my hair is
different today?
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