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Black Petal Sep 2022
There is a plot of land near my home which once housed an abundance of flora and fauna.

Turtles, birds, rabbits, snakes, wild dogfennel, pines, periwinkles, alamandas and southern river sage thrived in this space which now boasts only an open plot of beige mounds, cement cylinders, and monstrous machines.

I grimace at its "progress" daily.

Across the street, a large patch of wildflowers sit up and gaze upon this scene.

Day after day,
Erupting from the blue-eyed grass,
A family of spanish needle
and Mexican petunias
turn their blooms toward the beeping and the clunking of machines.

White peacock butterflies and red-tipped dragonflies dance around the feeding bees. I'd like to be like the flowers. To bloom rebelliously in the face of greed and destruction. Even though soon, they will be gone too.
Andres Martinez Sep 2018
Lots of time spent arguing and quiet
A life full of regrets isn't something I look foward to
so if I happen to swallow my pride and move on don't hate me
Understand I've given it alot of time and I'll never get that back so it's all worth it
The right choice to sit back rejoice with my moments
My mind is at peace and my goals set steadily ahead of me
Cutting out those who hang on me heavily
I march to my own tune my own melody
Sing it next time you decide to remember me.
Andres Martinez Jul 2018
Hello again
Seems I've forgotten my ways
The little things
constant change of directions
my train of thought on its way towards a head on collision
And the obstacles on the track don't worry me much
it's more of the thoughts powering the train
Giving into simplicity everyday
A smile might be all it takes
A nod to a stranger walking down the street sending off a reason to believe
Tired of holding all the weight letting go back now and back to the little things
Philip Richards Dec 2016
When you make the choice to embrace the iron
And deny voice to impatient desire
When your heart seeks a dark relief
And you dig deep to find belief
When you bare your teeth
To earn relief
And the lactase weeps
Body burns with heat to pay the fee
You pay with hurt to settle misery
And walk the streets secretly
With an invisible wreath
Body sings a symphony
To the pain you own
Hymns of control
A punishment that you will own
Admonishing through flesh and bone
Turning will to steel, form to stone
Teaching brain to heel as hearts atone
Till everything you feel is yours alone
And your own life feels like something you own
Iron inspired, regret retired, live in the moment
Heart may be heavy but you know you can hold it
This is a love song to weightlifting - one of the few none destructive ways I have found to deal with life
Matthew Harlovic Jul 2016
after the author’s death
bury his work with his last breath*

© Matthew Harlovic
mindfullCash Dec 2015
As I lay awake at 5:33 I can't help but to think about me.
All of the things that have changed me.
All of the things that made me.
I now  live alone , a life I've never know . Embracing change,  everything's strange....
When your a stranger in your own life.
Rewriting my story, choosing a new title.  I refuse to be one who sits idle.
I left everything I knew to start a New. It's funny how important it feels to few.
One of the hardest descions has proven to be the best.
Sad part is I'm working so hard I get no rest.
I know it's part of life's test.
The universe treats me the best.
Forever blessed.

— The End —