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Torn Heart Mar 14
I trust her I say
So why am I treated this way
So just get over it you say
We were so happy all day
Or so I thought
It's ok I say
We all have bad days
Her headaches must go away
Why is she always worried that I will stray
I wont ******* do that to you I say
You will always be my bae
Then you go and go off the grid, but is ok
I trust you in everyway
But these games I don't play
Do what you say and say what you do
Or there might be a lesson to pay
Please no baby I pray
You can **** me off but I'm not going away
That wont happen today or any day
Because I love you so much everyday
My phone was not off you downplay
So get over it
Something that I would never say!!
Torn Heart Mar 11
Why did I turn to drugs?
I could have just did hugs.
The brilliant feeling of ******* on the brain,
just trying is insane
Why did I turn to drugs?
I wish right now I had those hugs,
Replace the drug with love
Then give hugs, **** drugs!
  Mar 10 Torn Heart
Jaee Derbéssy
She was a written love letter
              in a text message world.
Torn Heart Mar 10
Like the attention the moon shows the sea
making tides ebb and flow in motion
her attention  moves blood through my heart
filling my body and soul with emotion
Torn Heart Mar 10
For you the days starts early
The sun rises fast
Hydrate hydrate hydrate
You need to last

Got to Get that asphalt melting
You Grab your mop
It Smells like money
Now Your slinging hot

Your roofing now
Its not for the weak
You must be tough
Almost a freak

As the day goes by
You are really moving now
Backs begin to ache
You persevere somehow

**** the break
The greenhorns quickly learn
We’re not going to stop
We still got hot to burn

You respect the danger
You know its real
There is beauty on the roof
Only a real roofer can feel

As the sun sets low
You start to wind it down
You put in real work
You never frowned

Be proud
Hold your head high
Your a god dam Roofer
You live in the sky!!!!

— The End —