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Black Petal Apr 14
Sweet fragrant citrus
Awaken my tired senses
The essence of home
Black Petal Apr 6
I am the howling wind
I am the cold mist kissing your skin
I am leaves and branches dancing
I am swollen waves and sideways rain
I am black sky
I am the storm.
Black Petal Apr 2
The world was frantic.
Nature, the only escape.
You and I skipped stones.
Black Petal Mar 29
Moon glitters on waves
Blackbird sings in the shadows
Nature's midnight song
Black Petal Mar 28
Stay, luminous moon.
Orbit my heart forever.
Shine through its deep cracks.
Black Petal Mar 25
Breathe in and breathe out
Rooted like the banyan tree
Watch thoughts come and go
Black Petal Mar 20
Iridescent bird
Pauses for sweet red flower
Lightning bolt stands still
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