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Black Petal Jan 19
I will not conform
Contort myself in a cage
I'll fly, arms outstretched.
Black Petal Jan 19
I can breathe again
I once choked on your poems
Laced with arsenic
Black Petal Dec 2022
Does it ever leave?
The voice which says "No, girl."
"This joy ain't for you."
Black Petal Sep 2022
There is a plot of land near my home which once housed an abundance of flora and fauna.

Turtles, birds, rabbits, snakes, wild dogfennel, pines, periwinkles, alamandas and southern river sage thrived in this space which now boasts only an open plot of beige mounds, cement cylinders, and monstrous machines.

I grimace at its "progress" daily.

Across the street, a large patch of wildflowers sit up and gaze upon this scene.

Day after day,
Erupting from the blue-eyed grass,
A family of spanish needle
and Mexican petunias
turn their blooms toward the beeping and the clunking of machines.

White peacock butterflies and red-tipped dragonflies dance around the feeding bees.
I see this, and am reminded that there will always be destruction and there will always be greed. And we can lose ourselves in the sadness of it and become hopeless, angry, and bitter, or we can be like the flowers and continue to provide and bloom
in the face of it.
Black Petal Sep 2022
Swirls of fragrant steam
Rise from its porcelain well
A cup of love, made.
Black Petal Sep 2022
Sparkling diamond bead
Rests briefly upon a leaf
I bow to its grace
Black Petal May 2022
After the storm's wake
Remember there's still beauty.
Bow to the rainfall.
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