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It’s the wanderlust souls who escaped from the tedious bodies,
they inhabited.
Only to spread its wings and fly along the sky’s terrain.
Whom who hears the birds chirping at 3 am are shedding its human skin,
As a reptile would before it enters a new realm of existence.
It feels different.
It’s soothing. It’s calming.
It’s the feeling of earl grey tea submerging the taste buds on the white blanket lying on the tongue in the morning.
Who hears the birds chirping at 3 am?
Is it the wanderlust souls whose restless eyeballs glistens in the night or the lonely stoner who finds serenity in the hugs of the ghosts he is hiding?
Restless Soul May 29
It's all just words.

I don't really have anything profoundly intricate to say - everything I write is just a stream of consciousness jotted down on a note in my phone that I load to a website anonymously hoping someone, somewhere will see it and feel something.

Pandaboy May 2
My posture is straight and arms on the wheel
but eyes on the rear with a guilt feel.
Imagining it different
where I could have been.

Out came the noise of a gentle breeze ,
leaning behind , I watched my thoughts.
While it tried to distract me
I sit back and observe, untying the knots.

It puts me on auto pilot,
day dreaming what could have been.
Did I imagine it differently ,
same canvas but a random scene ?

It fades with reality but lets us grow,
so make peace with it,  just let it go
Man and mistake, like string and twine
it is alright to repeat, do it twice.

Regretting my regrets , I put a smile on my face.
Not anymore, like red rags to a bull.
Througt potholes and traffic , I learned my pace.
I drove this far, so it is at least half full.
How far? Well that's a Disgrace .  :) :)

At least we came so far to at least read and write poems online :) .

Regrets of a Glass Half Full .

The idea conveyed here is to replace Regret with gratitude and look at things from a different perspective .
All it takes is a moment to fall back behind the energy and observe it,as put forward by Michael A singer in the book - The Untethered soul
Pandaboy May 2
was not the reality,
I was unwilling to trace back.
Ignoring the last scene
forgetting where I have been
afraid of fear, surviving in the dark.
Though all it took was a moment of serene.
After all darkness just needs a little spark.
The Poem goes by the name “ The Satori “ , which in Japanese refers to sudden growth or awakening by insight . The poem starts with feelings of pessimism followed by a subtle trigger .. Thanks to Thomas gray for inspiring me to use the word "serene" .
Allyssa Apr 25
You are beautiful when you sleep,
The softened lines around your eyes,
The relaxed muscles in your arms.
You are beautiful when you are awake,
Bright green eyes with hints of blue mad brown,
A laugh that could warm me even on the coldest days,
A voice that calms me when I’m not in my greatest mood.
You are beautiful when you’re angry,
The way your voice hinges after you yell,
The way your body tenses with rage,
The way you look at me all the while softening when you keep me tucked into your embrace.
You are beautiful when you don’t know,
When you aren’t aware of showing it,
When the world seems against you and I am your soft spot.
Thank you for letting me be your soft spot.
I am so lucky.
Brain, brain go away
Don't want to listen one more day
Already lonely and afraid
Feel insecure and full of shame

Brain, brain don't act this way
You're always angry; Filled with hate
You know we're joined; Can't separate
Yourself your punching in the face

Brain, brain what can I say
To make it so you see things straight
Don't know how much more I can take
Of constant warring and debate

Brain, brain it's getting late
This journey's not some endless race
Life's flying by and at this pace
Forget a win; Not gonna place

Brain, brain let's medicate
I'll feed you drugs and we'll sedate
The only way to mitigate
Discrepancies we generate

Brain, brain we sadly waste
This outcome feels like it was fate
But never was there a sealed date
Fulfilling what we self-create

Brain, brain so much we faced
Success so close could almost taste
Instead our tail we always chased
We'll die alone sad and disgraced
Written: March 6, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Tetrameter format]
Aaron LaLux Mar 1
Overcommitted to this life that we’re livin’,
got no choice but we’ve got a voice and we use it,
See in the Book of Life every life has it’s sentence,
to communicate the truth that we move with,

hats of to The Inventor,
I’m doing time paying mind paying dues and doing fine,
lost in the Splender,
of this Life that for now is mine,

and yours,
and sure,
from the lines for sure,
or rather,
the lines blur oh sir,
please there’s no need to be so formal,
as ease as you were,

no cure,
no prevention,
no honor,
no mentions,
okay some honor,
some honest intentions,

but not always honest intentions,
what’s worse the user or the invention,
the consumer or the corporation,
personal or business relations?

The plot thickens,
the ***’s steamin;,
let’s eat let’s break bread,
please pass a fork a knife and a napkin,

what’s happin’,
we’re all on the boat but there’s no captain,
it’s madness I can’t even speak about it out loud,
so I write it down even when I won’t admit it happened,

hear no evil see no evil don’t even make eye contact,
it’s like they’re all on drugs it’s both cliche and ironic,
and the irony is all these things that were once free,
cost as the debt from the profit continues rising,

“Excuse me Sir,
but how do you expect to pay for this Karma?
Credit or cash,
because nobody pays with checks anymore.”,

or checks anymore,

or pays attention,
can’t say the world has always been honest to us,
but I can say that we’ve always had honest intentions,
and honesty it’s always been an honor to be us,

in all our committed excellence,
it’s an amazing balance to be both involved and unattached,
a labor of love an adventure a sense,
it’s being an an incredible team of strangers and you’re up to bat,

overcommitted to this life that we’re livin’,
got no choice but we’ve got a voice and we use it,
See in the Book of Life every life has it’s sentence,
to communicate the truth that we move with…

∆ LaLux ∆

The Arctic Monkeys rattle my brain
nearly into a trance
while the lyrics cut
into my subconscious,
leaving me just a hint of sober

while she's sleeping, I slave
bleed my brain into this blank screen,
into this ******* machine,
so my feelings can be made public,
yet for the most part, unseen

it's odd, you know, I feel
further isolated, yet somehow,
part of something bigger, something,
I don't know, eternal,
when I feed this dysfunctional family
I'm a starving technician, because my profession doesn't pay, rather it robs me of my sleep, my peace, and some of my sanity
David Bojay Jan 30
lonelier than ever
get by being clever
patient with the wait....the wounds to sever

Look the other way

listening to your cover of city of stars

the vibrations of your voice
something I always paid attention to

the show goes on but this is a reflection I can’t deny

A truth in thought

In mind

To know it’s not really there

To be self aware

To know that the realization is a step

To know that this moment
Is all that’s ever promised
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