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s May 2018
the transitory nature of
your touch

disconcerting emotions sustained
by memories that stick like dust

i can’t get enough of this-
whatever ‘this’ is

my mind harps on about
your warmth, presence, and kiss

your broken hands grasp mine,
my poisoned lips touch yours;

nothing more than a sad race
to see who succumbs first

to the secret silencing both of us:
subdued, i bite my tongue

‘love’s’ just a synonym for ‘guilt’
and guilt’s the only race that i have won.
i wrote this a while ago but realized that i never posted it here proud of this one
Denel Kessler Jan 2017
Waves speak
to the shore
in rippled verse
scattered shell
strands of kelp

in the sand
each visitor
inscribes a story
sandpiper, wigeon, crow
raccoon, otter, coyote

I read each one
as I write my own
ryn Apr 2016
I am here
Yet most times I'm not
Likened to a fleeting zephyr
Perchance may be caught

Beyond the bend, it's hard to see
Uncertain, unpredictable, unsure
There are chances however unlikely
To chart life's trot and canter

Awaiting the moment I would voraciously savour
The fullness of my being that's rare and transitory
Because almost always,
I'm drowning in doubt and clamour
With fevered breaths drawn more quickly
SøułSurvivør Feb 2016

wrinkled mountain sits
old trees bow down in respect
even rivers are slow!

A "traditional" haiku
the ancient to the transitory

I'm sorry for not reading!
I'm going to church today
I want to make this a routine now
I want prayers from as many
as possible for my father
and I know that I need to be
around other Believers

I will be in corporate worship
which i love, too!
Denel Kessler Jan 2016
Awake to a slowly beating drum
morning meditation drifting up the hill
in the garden, tiny birds add sweet highs
tuneless ravens, the bass undertone
trees whisper ancient lyrics
on the passing breeze.

We stroll the Path of Philosophy
through massive wooden gates
into carefully sculpted gardens
exploring the endless number
of temples dotting Kyoto
each more lovely than the last.

Quiet Nanzen-Ji
is where I feel the most
following worship worn
steps to a cave-shrine
heady with wet
and incense

we are purified
by waterfall spray
before returning
the way we came
voices hushed
buoyed by eternity’s hand.

The hotel lobby is filled
with crimson and saffron
glistening heads and broad smiles
from monks gathered there
we bow to each other and are one
may it never be forgotten

revelers arrive by busload
for hanami, cherry blossom viewing
beneath a revered tree
decked out in pink splendor  
lit from below to radiate
surreal, internal light

we sample Kobe yakitori
soba and corn
grilled over open flame
as we flow
through the smiling
celebratory crowd

we savor
what is transitory
as sparks
and blossoms whirl
settling on
our hair and skin.
Kyoto is just one of those magical places...
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2015
Raindrops marking points
On waves breaking beyond shores
So faint our affair
SøułSurvivør Mar 2015

wrinkled mountain sits
old trees bow down in respect
even river is slow!
From the ancient to the transitory

Tuesday Pixie Feb 2015
A turtle shrinks into its shell
Then shrivels,
Grape to raisin,
Sun's warning echoing:
"Danger, danger, danger!"
As river moves from mountain to ocean
The golden arc across the sky
Soon is only a faint glow on faraway rock
- Yet it will come again
To shout it's harrowing cry
And shrink and shrivel
And round again, again, again
'Til Kingdom come
      'Til salvation
             'Til death do us unto part
Jayanta May 2014
In the morning everything become blushing
With splendid light and reflection!
In the afternoon started to be used up
In the evening step towards transitory gloomy!
In the night become woozily and
Dream to blush again in the next morning!
Ralph Albors May 2014
I never quite got
that you and I
were transitory.

— The End —