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It hurt...
When I love you with
my all,
But you don't have enough
Time to look at me...
What I am going through!!!
It hurt...
When my days and nights
All are yours,
But you don't even care
For me...
What had I lost!!!
I love uh Baabaa,
And I know maye be someone
Can replace me after awhile..
What about me and the
replacement of missing part of yours???
I lost me... Enough me that my
All lost belongs to you!!!
Baabaa...I love you naa...Ur ignorance is hurting me...I wanna say but I can't...afraid to loose uh naa.... What I asked baabaa..Just little time naa...What I begged baabaa... Only ur presence naa..And for that I gave uh  my all... But I even don't deserve that...
Dante Jun 30
My babe is so sweet, My lover sings soft.
He sings soft to me, can turn water to wine
with his honeyed voice.
He sings his nigh notes loud,
and I catch a glimpse of it- what hides just under his tongue,
What he unleashes only under God’s tired eye.

There is a lake in the wood.
He crawls to it some nights, in secret, my Singing Babe
And when he growls his consonants into the water,
The ripples travel the mud, and creatures twitch their ears
to my lover’s noise.

Hide from me, baby.
I know you pray, my soft-sung lover,
sin’s reckoning won’t find you there.
I’ll hope you come to me one night, wet with some untamed fear.
The roar of my dark thing’s heart
would be so sweet to hear.

The water’s moon is a halo all around him,
As water dances to my boy’s rumbling, like crocodile song,
Like the bellowing of a woman wrapped in euphoric sin.

In my dreams I hear a wounded Lion
misplaced in some wood, and when I find it lying there,
a lamb turns to me slowly
with a mouth full of blood.

Sam Jun 16
As I look over my first year of high school,
all I can remember
is this
It throbs in my chest, robbing my lungs of air and causing my mind to slide in a downward spiral.

I remember the yelling.
I remember the panic.
I remember the sorrow coursing through my veins, inching between my bones until it filled every last inch of me.

I remember the cuts, most of all.

But I also remember my friends.

I remember Navleen.
I remember Eunice.
I remember Damien and Kylee
I remember Kayleigh and Humera.

I remember the jokes, the silly conversations, the laughter.

I remember the stupidity that is the teenager's mind.

It's one of our last shots at being kids.

We want to take it.


I may be depressed but i am also full of spite
In forgetting how languid
fingers caress distant pen,
As scratches upon a full heart,
reaching for tea,
ditched in Durham,
an empath remains
without another hand to hold.

Equivalent to the resistant dream,
playing for your foes
I miss your funny charm,
Your tempo
Your blossom
Your hand

His manbun is ****
The heavy man is the nicest in the country
Karijinbba Apr 20
Mountains conquest become insurmountable obstacles as impatience endeavour ill.
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved.
understanding answers arrives
when experience discloses
friends heros from foes
innocent victims, from unsets
Today I learned that the very thing giving me hope was the only thing standing in my way
One day I’ll learn to say something back that isn’t “Wassup”
This is the **** that keeps me up at night
polka Nov 2018
your voice usually only has to walk through one door
to get its message across
the door being your teeth, of course

but my voice walks through an infinite amount of doors

and some of them lead nowhere?

some of them lead everywhere.

i'm not sure what the door situation is in my body, but

i know that my voice is tired by the time it reaches my teeth.
mc ish Jun 2018
when i'm scared you are my rough place to land,
you boast of critique though i see no wrong.
a simple spot to fall when one can't stand,
you are the home in which i could belong.

a fierce competitor one cannot beat,
she is the fire from which eden was made;
for you, oceans are given a heartbeat,
yet--your doubt overwhelms you im afraid!

but her aggression, formed in vaguest word,
she stomps upon eggshells others ignore.
i can hear the way her love is slurred,
you see her smile-behind the locked door?

in all that i know of heaven, she's there,
arms around the one she loves without care.
idk who let me on this site honestly but heres a mediocre sonnet !!
A H J Oct 2017
throw bunch of colors in my mind,

again and again 'till I bleed sunshine.
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