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Rose Apr 2021
We grieve in different corners of this house
All plagued by the changing routine
All withering in the musky silence
Not saying what is resting over us
I don’t think we want the waterfalls tonight

But we all know that they will come
in the silence of our beds
And we’ll pull the covers tightly
Hoping this weight will be less
freshly squeezed sadness
Rose Apr 2021
We’re all fragile tonight
The smallest thing
Stings my eyes

Be strong
Be strong

We carry on tomorrow
Until it grabs us again
And we drop the vase
Cracking at the seams
But never quite breaking

The creaking and groaning
Of our souls
Curl up next to us at night
Like you did

Be strong

I scrap the walls clean
Hoping to be rid of the dust
Then cry
These small pieces of you
Are gone now too

I miss you

Be strong
the loss of you is large in our hearts
Rose Apr 2021
I understand it now
My heart pours out
Life flows from my soul
And wraps you in gold

You’re caught up in me
All tangled up in emotions
you’ve never unleashed
I'm a deep soul, and that brings about its own waves of trouble.
Rose Apr 2019
how many youthful nights have i driven away
from a town of late nights searching for hope
driving this highway with orange street lights
and yellow headlights flashing past my eyes
how many lonely drives must i endure
blasting songs too loud to drown out
my thoughts of grief for this life

the city lights glowing over water
under bridges built to connect us
when all i feel is worlds away
from a life of people that move forward
towards white picket fences
and bouncing baby’s

these drives are spent running
wishing to have enough courage
to pack up this hatchback
and watch as everything i know
grows smaller and smaller
in the dead of the night where beauty softens grief
Rose Mar 2019
I put too much hope into you
Too much hope into a church, hoping I would learn to fit into it
Too much hope into a town, hoping I would learn to love it
Too much hope into friends that knew not of my soul
Into friends I had hoped would make time for me
Into people I had hoped would accept my beliefs because they accepted me
I put too much hope into a man who stunk of reckless and heartless ambition
Into a man I thought would love me before I loved myself
How wrong and twisted I was
And what a blessing I can see straight again
irony at it's finest
Rose Mar 2019
Sunflowers fill the space where grief will not
Lumpy navy seats fill the room as the lights dim
Words are spoken in the fumes of salt and snot
Nothing can fill the murk in our souls as we drift
the saddest of days, you fell 150 feet, and the world is cruel as we all hurt
Rose Mar 2019
how i wish i could climb up
away from this madness
and sit in the crook of branches
letting the stress drip from my feet
as we sway
to the sounds of the breeze
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