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Afiqah Apr 11
i look at today,
i just have to keep on
looking at today
and bravely take on this chancy rise
like always
and let my heartbeat heroically
sail through life
with its absolute gut

Afiqah Dec 2019
the more I feel,
the less I want to alphabetically
give it words,
yet here I am, still
just trying to write something
I can believe in over and over again

Afiqah Sep 2019
life is this crazy
of morphing, wistful colors
it simply just sets
your very soul introvertively
as life’s dealings slowly
maturate and stretches you on

Afiqah Apr 2019
and just like
the morning moon,
I’d weatheringly
still choose

Afiqah Mar 2019
I love you
and this is all of what
lies deep within my very soul
I will ever write
about of you

Afiqah Feb 2019
and as we all shift,
and let go
and then slowly become,
always believe that
the world peculiarly
somehow still needs

Afiqah Dec 2018
there was love
there will be more
these clouds
of almosts
will finally someday
be made lucidly certain
with all of its
heartful intentions

Afiqah Oct 2018
it was fate that I have
this whole love affair thing
with words
and maybe this is where I find
its enoughness to know
that I have once laid here before
with you
and love luxuriously
had your very soul pinned on it

Afiqah Oct 2018
it can still epically hurt
to become
but sometimes,
you just got to have
to trust life
a little bit

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