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Nina Jul 2021
it's so late out there
when I am sitting on the roof
sky cries over my head
and this rain makes me feel like a fool.

I wish that you were real
we'd run all night long
and this tear of sky
would be happy tears of seeing us together.

but you live in my dreams
this black rose that I still keep
was given in a moment
that felt so real even it was a trick.

It's a night out there
this night seems it lasts forever
where are you, where?
when I am looking for you

this moon is touching my tears
that came from my sadness
every day I get more fear
that changes in phobias and leaves me full of loneliness.

I will wait for you forever if I have to
I will hit this loneliness and all my fears
my dreams will come true one day
and this rain will be not sad but happy tears.
I wish that you were real.
Nina Apr 2021
I used to think that you were like me
I hoped that we'd plan a better future
but you chose death over me
and you broke my heart, my culture.

I hate that you broke my hopes,
you thought that you loved me
while you made everything worse
and left me with no reason.

If I was still a little kid
I would never be ashamed of myself
to be broken on the current time
and waited for hours for my man.

But my man broke the rules
and left me broken
with no hopes or future
even I love him. Old him.

And I still hope that it will change
him and his all mistakes
to make me feel in love again
like it is the first time we met.
I used to love you.
Nina Feb 2021
Are you insane like me?
I hope we could understand,
but something went wrong,
you judge me, whatever.
I probably still adore you,
with your hands, around my neck,
but I am scared to don't be a fool,
with your words, which seems insane.
Are you insane like me?
soul with rock n roll eyes,
a heart wants what it wants,
it's crying in the darkest night.
Are you insane like me?
I am a half heart without you,
lately, I've been thinking
if you want me too.
I thought we could understand,
but something went wrong,
you judge me, whatever...
what am I waiting for?
enjoy my poem, which I wrote when I was 14.
  Feb 2021 Nina
I Remember how the party was clear as day
Sneaking out and looking to fade away
Lighting a cigarette with red wine
(Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice)
Sweet sixteen and she had arrive
Fixing her dress as she whispered hi, hi
Never knew how she made it so far
Teachers said she'd never make it out alive
There she was my new best friend
casual smoke filled the festive air
While she starts to laugh, holding her shaded lipstick in her other hand
Oh Ana, how I love those guys
  Feb 2021 Nina
Marisa Lu Makil
I fell in love with the dark of the mountains
And the lights in the October sky.
Nina Feb 2021
I like storms...
near the sea
sometimes I feel
that the sky screams.

powerful storms over the country
blue seas and the dark sky,
I am watching it and doing my laundry
my soul wants to have the big wings to fly.

I like storms
and the dark sky
sometimes I think
sky screams and the clouds cry.

teens want to be drown
in the deep sea
when there is the storm
and I am watching it.

maybe I am in love with storms
'cause I see feelings
of the big clouds crying
and the dark sky screaming.
who else loves the storm?
Nina Feb 2021
Roses are painted black,
Violets aren't always blue,
I thought you loved me back,
and you don't know what you put me through...

I was talking about you, like all day...
to everyone and every time...
I painted you on the wall of my room
with roses and velvet night.

I was talking about you, like the whole night...
at stars and the full moon in Leo...
I hugged your portrait on my room's wall
that I painted
and I thought you were talking about me too.

my heart was full of red space
and my stomach was full of butterflies...
I have baked your favorite cake,
because I thought you wanted me in that velvet night.

They said that happiness is a butterfly,
but we met in December,
there was a cold and blue morning sky
and I remember that aesthetic forever.

Roses are painted black,
Violets aren't always blue,
I thought you loved me back,
and you don't know what you put me through...

People born in March are sensitive
but you were cold and mean,
My sun is in Aquarius
and I am the only one who can feel.

I am the only one who can feel butterflies,
and I felt more when I saw you,
I am a sensitive flower full of sun kisses,
lovely bees and the blue sky too.

All I wanted was a black painted rose,
violets and lavenders with your kind smile,
but you hate flowers and colors of love,
and you never smile, you laugh sarcastically...

Roses aren't painted black,
Violets aren't always blue,
I wish to take the time back
for what? you don't have a clue.

You left me heartbroken
and my scars full of the tears
our love is already over
and my feelings are my only fear.

I hope I don't feel the same to anyone,
and I hope butterflies won't leave me there.
but if I do I hope I won't be the only one,
who sees love colors and paints roses black.
I hate that I felt love. I hate that I turn foolish and sad person.
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