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Zane Smith Apr 30
all the time.
The night I let myself
love you entirely.
The way my brain
broke down from resistance
to the time left.
I've never FELT
that out of body.
Zane Smith Jan 5
with someone to have a good time.

Romanticize simplicity with yourself

Go to the grocery store
Get some coffee
Go to a view
Find a new place you've never been
Buy art supplies
Get lunch
Find a recipe
Go thrifting
Hang out at a park
Watch a movie
Read a book
Listen to music
Go somewhere you haven't in awhile
Feel the energy in a metaphysical shop
Doodle on something random
Wake up early
Make a charcuterie board
Light a candle
You attract what you put forward to the universe.
Zane Smith Jan 5
your snap story?
my loneliness?
ur joy
my sadness?
I miss being loved so constantly and openly
I miss being checked in on
I wish I didn't crave such validation
But for my own to be enough.

You're voice was comforting even tho
The conversation was awkward.
It was nice to hear from you
Zane Smith Dec 2020
Forgetting you
Worrying about you
Meeting you.
new job
late missing assignments
smoking to feel other than
trying to love myself
opening up to spirituality
Missing love.
Zane Smith Nov 2020
put ur phone down
Listen to the space between us
Listen to our voices conversing.
Zane Smith Nov 2020
the way you held her tight
the way you called her babe
they way I liked her
the way I felt the love
you have for one another.
It still hurts
even though I wish
more than anything
to not let you
in my heart
Like that.

I know you're holding her
right now.
The way you did with me for those two weeks.
The way you have with her for two years.
Zane Smith Nov 2020
in the world
is thinking about me
right this moment.
I am solely
by myself
with my thoughts.
I'm bored
with everything
I'm clinging on
day by day.
Waiting for something
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