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Bea Aguilar Aug 31
I want to be as good as Taylor Swift
To write songs as sweet as you,
However I will always be Rihanna.
All I know is take care of you
tianna Mar 22
cause baby we got bad blood
you know we used to be mad love
so take a look what you've done
cause baby now we got bad blood
now we got problems and i don't think we can solve them
you made a really deep cut
and baby now we got bad blood
a song and lyrics by Taylor Swift
Esther Jan 6
we're both preceded by our reputation

we want the sun in our face

only to turn our backs to kiss the shadows.
this ain't for the best
my reputation's never been worse, so
you must like me for me.
Allan Mzyece Sep 2018
Yeah into the bloodshed light at night, a pale body glimmer on a crystal cross
King of the world with a crown of thorns
That our sins are your haunting ghosts,
Don't panic
Heaven is just a myth and we will be forever lost
Lost in eviternal flames,
Married my ******* temptations,
I see beauty in everything when I hear numbers of funerals are increasing,
Behead John!
I'm better than a Rolling Stone
I'm pretty
I'm reckless
I'm that party savage!
I'm gonna yell " I'm going to hell!  I was born to fail,  I was never real! "
(I'm gonna yell "I'm going to hell!")

Taylor Momsen baby!
I wish I was somebody else!  I take that back
I wish you were somebody else!
Cut that wrist! Your blood in my ******* plate,
Now I offer to the Holy goat your feeble fate!
Don't take the bus, book a taxi because it's a bumpy ride up to hell
And just remember that there are cracks were Satan fell!
Taylor momsen baby!
I am gonna yell "I was born to fail,  I was never real,  I am going to hell"
Amanda Jul 2018
Come along with me babe
Let me sing you a song
I am home, your skin touching mine
Home where we both belong

If there exists a sky mote blue
Than one found in your embrace
I will paint over in white
The color of the smile on your face

No soul compares to yours
Your face all I can see
Each and every part of you
Was made to complete me
You complete me
Amanda Jun 2018
I looked at you for
The first time without fog and
Saw my soulmate
Without ****** clouding up my brain i see things so much clearer now, one of those things being Tay.
Amanda Jun 2018
I am captivated by your beauty
Help me clear my clouded eyes
Forgive me for thinking my sight must be foggy
It's just that you're perfect, you must be sent from the skies.
Did it hurt?
Amanda May 2018
I hate to see you
Suffer so much when the love
I feel is so strong
Love can't always fix everything
clever May 2018
The thing about time is that it doesn’t
Work for you.
Yours was bound to run out eventually.
It just happened to be sooner
Than you first expected.
It's time for it all to come out.
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