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yosemite Oct 2018
i'll never see her again
rebecca a. from brazil
met her in massachusetts
on a quaint college campus
in autumn's ******

we went out for pizza
and the few hours we had
felt like days
liquifying to years
spilling over the ****** leaves
of ancient oaks

and i fell in love,
with the beauty of her mind
and the intelligence of her face
and i loved her with the inevitability of
autumn to winter to spring forever

her eyes were pizza crust brown
but she didn't like that comparison
so we ate and laughed

she had basil in her parmigiano-reggiano teeth
and i'd give the world to kiss those
mozzarella lips

but the next day she flew to chicago
and i to dallas
but the time we spent in antonio's pizza by the slice
felt like forever
and forever ago
and now margherita will
never be the same,
rebecca a.
oh the things i'd do for just one more slice // also this isn't serious at all but plz text me back
Chris T Apr 2014
I'd finger you with
mozzarella sticks
any day or night. just tell me when."

— The End —