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Sometimes, if someone told me I lived in Candyland,
I'd agree because my music is so bubbly,
My outfit is so bright,
And my disposition is ecstatic.  Frankly.
daisies Apr 2014
I was born in a Candy Land Hospital.
I grew up to 3 years old in Aero City.
I went to Mars Kindergarten.
And entered Cadbury Primary School.
Dad made a flagrant decision;
We moved to Hershey City.
I lived with my family in Oreo Condominium.
And studied in a new school; Corte International School.
Most of my classmates live in Oreo Condominium.
I Have three closest friends there;
And Spr√ľngli.
We lived happily until a car crashed in Cow Tales happened,
and my neighbour was known to be the victim.
Imma chocoholic. Anybody is with me? I love chocolates and adore them very much. I dreamed about it last night. It was a combination of sweetness and bitterness in a dream. I somehow empowered by the ambivalence of excitement and melancholy.

— The End —