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Jul 2019
This poem is about my old best friend
Who was right next to me until the very end
He was a black and white dog we found astray
Even though you passed away
In my heart you will always be around to stay
I love you like a brother, I miss you everyday
Lady and omega were the best duo around
I can’t seem to forget that awful day I found
You paralyzed in my backyard unable to move
It didn’t occur to me what I was about to lose
My buddy, my pal, and my sweet little dude
The way you were taken from me was so rude
I still remember running home from school
Get back home and mess around with my fool
You had energy for weeks and I love you
I just wish I could’ve heard you say it too
Your fur was so soft and your heart was softer
I remember the day when you became a father
You became more aware and a lot more gentle
You still came over and gave my face a tickle
You knew how to cheer me up if I was down
And you never ever left me with a frown
I could hug you when I was scared and I would
I wish I had more time, I’d go back if I could
Feel like everything was fine, fall asleep
I would pray to god for our souls he’d keep
But you’re gone now and all I have is azure
So with her through all this pain we will endure
Promise that I never let anything happen to her
You would’ve loved her she’s like her mother
You’re gone but never forgotten
As long as I have azure my heart wont rotten
Every time I look at her I think about omega
I love you buddy always and forever <3
Written by
Gabriel Mallory
   Bogdan Dragos
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