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when on a lark, this primate shut his eyes
   until sight formed slits doubling up as a wink
this earthling stared hard and scrunched brow
   unintentionally mimicking,

   the familiar Auguste Rodin statue
   likened to a pose when one doth think
perhaps said captive pose pondering
   (similar to me) about life on other planets

   while I stared at lunar surface
   akin to a disc or dime sized skating rink
awash with luminescence
   and imaging himself whisked away

   by an alien, synonymous
   to the peculiar millions miles distant pastische
   manifested entity than didst slink
a non hue man feline looking cat in the hat

   comical creatures decked out entirely in pink
soft halos conjured up saintly mink
or...a far fetched thought suddenly
   came to form in my mind,

   that this har creature a found missing link
whose nocturnal glowing facade exploding charade
   possibly a message
   or motion nothing more

   than routine smoothing out an anatomical kink
on front and back oh head resembling
   a Doctor Zeus characterization,
   viz a harmless rat fink

hm...maybe a vestigial progenitor
   of former birth by Gaia now extinct
though from afar, the b52 shaped being
   aye espied as fur ball affixed

   with a long elephant like snout to drink
and appeared to lack occipital orbs,
page number two:  

   yet evinced possible mode to see via a *****
impossible to restrain me noggin
   appearing to nod and blink,
hence entranced my attention fixed
   from faint (perhaps a feint)
   flickr ring meant as playful faux
   role playing lunatic humorous acting wry

impossible to decode explicit antics
   (of spacial cosmic guest),
   no matter eyes nearly shut tight visual
   wondering if non verbal communication

   of mine correctly interpreted
   meant to kibitz and vie
despite impossibility to validate,
   a continuous effort yours truly did try

fixing thy gaze nee straining
   with alm aye might to esse spy
if cheap trick concocted entire visage,
   which might not constitute life form

   (admitting this chap to prevaricate,
   and be full of baloney),
   himself prone to confabulate
   (dropped one to many times on the head)
   when this rocky lunar image,
   a moon scape comprising nothing
   boot ham and cheese on rye.
Äŧül Aug 2017
You can right the wrongs,
Just get in my bed ****,
And throw away your thongs.

I will be your buddy & dude,
I will take you for long,
And it would be so lewd.
My HP Poem #1651
©Atul Kaushal
Ako Jul 2017
I found him
Amidst of ignorance
And murmur
"Oh my god", one said.

My heart trampled when I saw him
I was broken...
Left behind on a big mess,
Ignorants entangled with their egos,
A creature,
A small creature
And wounded...

He was terrified
I looked in his eyes,
"Could you please help me?"
"I am all alone."
I saw the gleams
The lonely gleams...
The same as mine...

I tucked him on my temple,
Wounded and alone,
We went to the clinic
A white, man made blocks
It was not a mere *******
It was the savior of us.

I lie him on the table,
A silvery, metal table.

Someone tall in white appeared
A kind tone of him said,
"What has happened?"
And there, I put my story
A heartbreaking story masked by my cheery tone.

He is a big boy now
A big yet young golden haired pup
Joyful, kind, and warm creature
As my second self told me
I named him.

Loneliness bound us
To get through this harsh plane
Kindness is what he taught me
Everyday, in every life...

In kindness and loneliness we bound,
I miss you buddy...
I miss my pup a lot. I am in a faraway, away from home. I see his loneliness, as I see mine.
Jack Jenkins Apr 2017
When I see you down and blue
   all I want to do is hug you.

You feel like you're not worth it
   trust me, you're the ****!

I care about you and love you
   because you're a good person.

I've got your back, I mean it, you're fam
   I got you when people don't give a ****.
The title is an inside joke. ^^
Judypatooote Jun 2016
When you are a child you want a dog to play with.
If your a girl you dress it up in doll clothes
you talk to it, put it in a buggy and push it around.
Thats what I did.
As an only child this dog was my buddy.
That dog's name was Trixie.

Then when you are in your second childhood
as a senior citizen you have a dog
who you talk to, he wiggles his tail
he goes for walks with you, sniffing every
blade of grass
and would eat his meal with me.
This dog's name was Buddy.

A dog is like family
whether you are young or old.
they capture your heart.
And then when they die
They break your heart.

RIP ~ BUDDY 16 years old....
Tin Ferrer Jun 2016
What's Mickey without Minnie,

Donald without Daisy,

Buzz without Woody,

Ken without Barbie,

Beauty without Beast,

Lilo without Stitch,

What's me without you?
The music may have died for some
That day in nineteen fifty nine
Don McLean said that it ended
But I say, it's just fine

The day that Buddy died
I feel it only took a wound
and though it has been 60 years
I think it's been re-tuned

If silence reigned when the music died
The Beatles would be missing
They picked their  name for Buddy's group
An act that had some hissing

The Rolling Stones...would never play
If the music died as told
There would be no Exile on Main Street
There would be no band so bold

The Hollies, well that's simple
They were named after the man
If the music had really died that day
Would Graham Nash still be a fan?

To me it took a major wound
A shot that slowed it down
It changed music's direction
Took it to another town

With Elvis silent on German soil
The Beatles took the lead
They made sure music was living
And many others did they breed

Bobby Darin, Mama Cass
Jimi Hendrix and The Pearl
Jim Morrison and Brian Jones
Made the music spin and twirl

When Elvis Died, it slowed a bit
With Lennon shot...some more
But, the music never, ever died
For those who're keeping score

For each one lost...another comes
To fill the void with sound
It may have been quite wounded
But the music's still around

Each generation keeps it
In it's own and special way
That's why Buddy's music
Is still played on air today

So, please don't think the music
Died way back in fifty nine
Just look at all who've come on since
All your favorites and all mine.
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