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Steve Page May 2019
I need a strong yin
to rein me in
to be by my side
kicking my shin
when I need to restrain
my under their skin
to pull me out of my dive
and control my fast spin

it's then that my watson,
my bucky, my tonto
comes into their own
and suppresses my ego
So don't go when I strut
when I trigger disgust
just stand by my yang
and balance me up
Thank you radio 4 for a short about side kicks
Pyrrha Feb 2019
Sometimes I feel like I am just a supporting character
A sidekick in someone else's unfathomable destiny
Maybe that's why I am the poet, and not the muse
KM Hanslik Sep 2018
Oh please don't leave me on the side
Sidekick, this side dish life is not what I'm about
I'm going down with speakers blaring loud
I'm swinging from every angle, gotta keep it proud

keep my head above the noise and
the fan blades chopping through everything
my head is too full of ghosts and scissors
I am a loser, need to find me a winner
take me out to dinner

spill your contents into me and after
I won't find me another, I'm too full of disaster
too full to ask her

what she's doing out this late
empty my plate
I am not a side dish
but I still act like one.
I'm seeking my immortal foe.
He must mosh hard and enjoy Edgar Allen Poe
You should have a secret identity that nobody can know...              
Be a secret **** super-villain, be my, John Doe!
I'm now hiring, inquire within!
Don't keep me waiting - my heads in a tale spin

I'm looking for my Dark Lord
A deliciously evil ruler of my dark heart....
Someone with plans, someone to top the charts
You must be an experienced magus in the dark arts
I'm searching for that man...
I need you to be the Joker to my Batman!
Tell me are you clever and cool?
Do you want to force the world up under your rule?
Are you at least 5'8"?
It's rather specific but this I can't break
About me, I'm a dark Gothic angel in disguise
A royal beauty who likes keeping it all under my demise
Vanilla ice cream is my favourite flavor surprise
Together you and I would be our own alibi
Tell me, what mischief and mayhem can we get up to?
Together we would concoct our own strange brew
I'm an honest *****, I work a 9 to 5
So I'd like to fight crime with you from like 6 to 9
Are you evil? Tell me, how's your laugh?
I'm seeking a unique dare devil
My diabolical better half
You had better bring along your sword and staff
My **** side kick with a troubled past
If "Conquer the world" is all that you desire
Then it's a man like you, yes Sir, I could admirer!
jack of spades Jun 2015
you can try to steal the show
but baby, remember your place
you're a sidekick, not a hero
maybe there's some grace in martyrdom
but that's not where you wanna go
step down, sit down
you're a sidekick, not a hero
I need to write more

— The End —