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Johnny walker Jan 31
I Can't wait for the buds to return to the trees snowdrops and daffodils and the warmth of the
Birds returning back here from Africa to sing their morning wake up
call to build their nests to raise
feed their young oh how I long for the returning summer to put away the winter clothes
For now, I'll sleep away the
winter days to wake again
on that beautiful first spring morning
Awaiting the buds to reappear the trees snow drops daffodils
the first day of spring birds singing their wake up call
Abby M Dec 2018
Faithful buds you poke your heads out green
Leaves unfold round petals’ silky sheen
Sunlight draws you from your cellar rest
Dry-dirt roots seek water to ingest
Gift of romance, jewel of child’s crown
Found and owned, your beauty not your own
Perfect picture, ruined out of love
Plucked from home you flourish long for none
Styles Sep 2018
My mouth drooling;    
   I am feigning for her deliciousness;
    her fleshy fruit -- blooming in my mouth,
    spewing her milky nectar -- all over my tongue.
    I kneel before lapping at her hole;
thin pink lips
     parted by my fingers,
      praying on her weakness.
        feeding my desire;
                 as her body quivers beneath me
                   her swells flooded with satisfaction
eleanor prince Sep 2017
do you think
cloaks of normalcy

societal smiles
wash away reality -

that screens pulled close
pious veils drawn

means all is well -

that children next door
from 'respectable' homes

aren't used like so much spoil
displayed with polish

to the highest bidder -

what tales do you keep
to sleep at night

in perfumed air -

'it's far away
some hapless child

not where I drive
with tinted glass

they're lower class
don't know the Lord

mere runts down town
where father drinks

can't pay their rent
make decent wage

so sell the kid
for sordid nights -

- n - o -
it happens

to tender buds
in wealthy

and poorer shacks
in any

and every age
from dot to

they stay unseen
stare at their

are ***** this night
sob off to

as mother too
walks right on

deaf to the screams
he wants his

so he will take
her brother

'now be a man'
says worm to

he lies to all
most to his

and no one sees
and no one

the silent screams
with veil drawn

they look askance
and walk on
I welcome responses to this poem which is aimed at revealing the culture of silence in 'polite society' - this outpouring of outrage at abuse has been boiling for some time but this poem was sparked off in response to PaganPaul's important and raw poems on this topic
Chloe Chapman Mar 2017
Do you think it hurts,
When fresh buds burst from dark earth?
What beautiful pain.
The Pain of New Life - part one
Haiku series
Alan S Bailey Aug 2016
In life you are a total nobody if you aren't:

A "socialite superstar" who sacrifices moral for popularity
A tech freak
A work-a-holic
A married man or woman (opposite *** only!)
An insensitive "cowboy"
A confederate flag sympathizer (incomparable to ******, I guess)
A religious fanatic
Someone who is so open minded they are open to bad or EVIL
Rich as hell
Extremely violent or purposefully "unaware of bullies"
Anyone who graduated with honors (3.5 or higher, please!)
Certain everyone should work and/or drive
Covered by expensive life insurance
Popular with dozens of "honest friends"
A gun owner who doesn't believe in the need for regulation
A cigarette smoker (but *** is a "bigger devil!")
Hating cross dressers
A nudist hater
Built with a six pack
Absolutely certain that every hippy is "the devil"
A nature hater
Willing to **** anything that moves (they are the pests)
Giving away all natural love for money
One who loves to go to war, a.k.a. "gung-**"
Gifted with perfected teeth
One to ignore the "little lower people" at work/school
A "brown noser," trying to even out-do your mentors
A cheeky person obsessed with being manager (I'm #1!)
Poised to kick someone out on a moments notice (no hustlers here!)
Always on "mommy" and "daddies" side, even if they went too far

The list goes on and on, but you need to be most of these to succeed!
It's a long list! So many sharks! So little care about them...
Prabhu Iyer Apr 2015
Your shy smile, in the buds
blooming late by mellow winds;

distant in the leaves turned golden
your fiery hair;

the city below, still asleep,
stuttering in the lanes, your voice,
in the coffee morning shop.

my heart, all the butterflies.

Your dreamy smile, in
the toast maker lady at the kiosk.

You said I should go to Primrose Hill
So I went to Primrose Hill.

and I found you everywhere.
Someone sent me to Primrose Hill. Someone I lost and may never find again. Except in these memories. This is neo-cubist in the sense of Pierre Reverdy.

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