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Isaac Mar 15
i remember the mornings where my friends and i would play football out on the field and it would be so cold that the grass started to frost and we would pretend it was snowing.  It was so cold we could only see our foggy breaths and how red our noses were and not being able to speak properly because we were too busy shivering.
Isaac Nov 2020
something i tried to do for a while is getting back to the mind of a child..perceiving and appreciating the world in the way a child does.

it's like kids wake up everyday
with this sole purpose on
figuring out
what i can do
today to have a good expierence..
what can i do today
to have a good time

let's be kids again
-miles carter
Isaac Oct 2020
and if the moon
is still
nowhere near the sun's light
then maybe
there's hope for who
holds onto life
Isaac Sep 2020
the difference between something you want and something you love can be illustrated by how you treat a flower
when you want something, you'll take it for yourself
and that flower then exists as an extension of you,
it's beauty measured by how beautiful you'll allow it to be.

but when you love something
you discover an appreciation for everything it is
knowing something so beautiful, so vast, could never belong to you
seeing it's light and knowing it would be selfish to hold it hostage from the world

-miles carter
Isaac Sep 2020
in the event that love breaks you,
let it break...

your heart will be shaped
and reshaped
but in the end
it will still be yours
-Miles Carter
Isaac Sep 2020
she does what excites
emotions sided
believed to be brightened
heart enlightened
Isaac Sep 2020
I see the wind as it's breath
breathing uncontrollably as it cries
I see the lightning as it's rage
and the thunder as it's pain
that we rarely hear
for the sky
tries to bury its emotion deep down only to cover up pain
with the sun
that many would love to see
for they believe
the sun
is the sky's happiness.
decided to take this part from my firsr poem because thise means so much to me
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