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Annie 3d
Chained to the cruel power of conflict
Between what I want and what’s best for me
My heart’s throbbing as if I’m being chased
By late night panic attacks, immortal memories

Captive of this room built inside hate
I have to be honest, I can’t do this anymore
Screaming the truth in the shadows
Painting a different picture as I walk out the door

Stumbling in the garden of thorns -I thought of as roses
Blowing on dandelions torn in my bleeding hand
Had I not mentioned how broken I feel?
Stepping over the beautiful castle I made of sand

Crumpled up letters of confessions I write
Of things I want myself to know now
The ones I keep forgetting like a careless child
Bring me the “you” who hadn’t lied, I’ld bow
Annie Feb 8
It’s 3 in the morning
Wearing your blue shirt, I’m smiling
Everywhere I go, I see you
In every person, I look for you

Been months since I have been pretending
“I don’t love you”, good lying!
But it strucks me every day
I don’t like things this way

Thought you were all mine
In this, I found my pride
You and me, up against them all
How could you let me fall?

You knew how strong I seem,
As much as fragile I am underneath
The sheets are cold, so is my heart
Now I don’t know where to start

It’s selfish to ask them to be ”you”
Oh but I can’t love somebody new
So I build a fortress around me
Put up some bricks, lay down the concrete

I won’t let you walk through my fence
Found my weapon of defence
If you’re here, please stay
We’ll talk about love some other day
Annie Feb 1
is it just me
or do you see it too?

once you break a heart
you can’t undo

i remember you calling me weak
for the pills i take to feel good

i have been going crazy
nobody has any clue

crying myself to sleep every night
constant pain, feeling blue
Annie Jan 28
Let me lie down here with you
When I’m feeling down and blue
Glorious, ruthless love
Such a fool, you have no clue

Make a promise you can keep
Sow a seed I could reap
Don’t fade away
In this dark, empty street

Close the windows, my holy man
I come here with no wicked plan
Don’t you forget this night
The fire –right from where we began
Annie Dec 2018
I want you to stay
When I ask you to leave

I want you to say nice things
When it's falling apart for me

You asked me
To help a dying man -and I did

With bruises on my arms
A kiss on my lips

You ran out of your cigarette
I ran out of wine

I let the fate ****** all
What once was mine

You hurt me so good
Spinning me around all night

Holding me so tight
So you don't lose the sight

After all, you're the cage I dread
A ghost –infatuating my mind

You came to burn my soul
I've seen the rage,
In your dark eyes,
I have seen the ravaging fire
Annie Dec 2018
Now that you're here
We'ld like you to stay

In the church of wicked
Surrender, as you may

You can't feel the bliss
If you haven't had it in grey

Can't be a content worshiper
If you haven't ever disobeyed

Offering blood and words
Blaming it all on 'fate'

We gather here every night
In our own realm, outside Heaven's gate
Annie Dec 2018
Ask me if I'm okay
I'll tell you I'm fine
It's a risk I want you to take
Outside the blurry line

It'll take a lot of strength
To break the wall I've made
But don't forget, sometimes
The saver wants to be saved

Talk the sense out of me
Untangle every piece
With the touch of your fingers
Make the time cease

I'm the fallen grace from heaven
A sinner who likes to revere
Stay here, to ******* tale
I'm distant —yet I'm near
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