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Joel Johny Jan 2018
Life is a hard puzzle
Its always gonna be a struggle
I wish you were in an idyllic place to be ... without any worries or pain,
If you're too afraid to speak or let it out
Let your heart beat instead..
It is okay to feel empty sometimes
Physical pain doesn't even come close
To the type of pain you've been through
As our lives ares slowly drifting
i just wanna say im glad you pulled through
You're very strong
This is dedicated to a friend of mine whos been through a lot of pain..shes   blessed and god gifted and its been a privilege knowing sure she'll do amazing things one day and be proud of herself
Mane Omsy Oct 2017
Strong feelings, outburst her heart
Let alone cry for hours in the dark
She was some special beautiful art
Wandering alone in my fancy park

Her cheeks turned red, tears flowed
Like the rain drops on the windows
Her lips were red, tempting to hold
Held her face, then a kiss she blows

She never wanted me to leave her
Insisted her charming heart, I prefer
This beauty and lonely surely refer
The lust between us will burn forever
Last day, I heard my friend complain me about her loneliness and alienation to be free for her will from her parents. So I decided to dedicate a poem for her.. her you go my friend. Be strong.
Mane Omsy Apr 2017
Tapping for every song
Enjoying the humid weather
Reading the news
How people could get trapped
Could get caught
Stealing other's heart
Or earning trust, to spoil
To fake smile
Greets the most better way
Tame your mind
Crumple down the trash
Experiences harden your mind
Make you even stronger
Realize chameleons
From your family and friends
Learn about the leeches
Who leave you
when you loose the sweetness
when you're dry
Redemption - XV

Aware of what you have gone through in the past and be strong.
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
You thought you're meant to be
And you kept on dreaming that life with him is your Destiny
You follow everything according to your plans

But what happenned?
That when you said that he is your destiny
Is the time that he left you with so much misery

He even cheated a lot of times
Still you're giving him a lot of chances
You know inside of you that you deserve better
And yes you do deserve even better

So Girl, do not settle for less
Because greater things is waiting for you ahead
By: Jack Wilder (Ramon Carlos T. Castillo)

You are a gift you see,
A person made in the image of our Lord,
So you really should not care,
About another person's word.

Echoes of hate and petty,
Purely brought about by insecurity,
Things that will bring you down,
Only if you let it get to you.

So why should you be,
Afraid of what they have to say?
To the little stuff they give notice,
You yourself can't even see.
Here's to the victims of bullying. Here's to the people who got judged because of what they fought for. Don't give up, I believe in you all!
Your Name Here Jun 2016
Cascading tears fall from my face.
Love has come and abruptly been erased.
So quickly you swept me off me feet.
And the same goes for how you discarded me.
What the fck I thought I meant something.
Told myself you were an angel without wings.
You burned my fortress that took so long to build.
Destroyed my home and crushed my will.
Love is such a masive risk.
****** cold touch and poisoned kiss.
Creation of my darkest dreams.
I wish you'd just f
ckng leave.
Youve scarred me enough to scare away.
I will never forget your evil waysssss.
Thanks alot you evil witch.
You ******* my life you f
ckng btch.
A little graphic sorry was emotional write at the time
Baylee Mar 2016
When you hold a flame to an unlit wick
It takes an unbearably long time to catch.
The wick is pretty and new,
Covered from top to bottom
In a waxy coating of armour
That keeps it safe longer.

When you hold a flame to a previously lit wick
It catches fire within a few seconds of exposure.
The wick isn't so new anymore,
It's walls have been burned down
It's armour is gone and the
Beaten up wick is vulnerable.
isabelle saloom Mar 2016

1. forever is not a promise, it is a choice.
2. it never stops hurting.
3. his smile may feel like home, but if his eyes look through you; he is not your home.
4. find the goodness in each day.
5. your body is a temple. life is about learning to worship your own self.
6. make a list of kind acts you witness, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. this list could save you.
7. do not let your fear control you.
8. you are not your mistakes or your pain.
9. depression is a mental illness, something you cannot help.
10. emptiness is a mindset.
11. you are loved.
12. you have the right to feel things that are not exactly good.
13. your worth is immeasurable.
14. you are not a burden to the people who truly love you.
15. there is always hope.
16. productivity is a form of happiness.
17. protect your heart, but do not hide it.
18. everyone deserves to be loved, you are one of those people. embrace that.
19. go the extra mile, it builds self-esteem.
20. people think differently than you. not everyone has other people's interests at heart.
21. always do what makes YOU happy.
22. do not give up on something that you want.
23. it pays to be kind, eventually.
still being updated...
Sky Mar 2016
I just want to put out a little message for everyone who is struggling right now:
You are not worthless. You're not. Even if people are leaving you and you feel alone, you still have friends and family in your life who would care if you disappeared. You may feel like no one would even blink an eye if you were just gone, but you'd be surprised by how big of an impact it can really make. It's like tossing a pebble into a pond. The ripples spread all the way across the surface.
Don't give up on love. Don't give up on friendship. Don't give up on life. There is always hope if you search for it. There is always someone in your life who holds you close to their heart, even if you don't know it.
Keep living, and don't give up now.
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