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alex loya May 2014
fenix feather dipped in blood
signed on the dotted line
see it better quick in love
lied on those songs you write
it must take a lot of effort
too make that texture look fake behind those measures find a treasure you little spine collecter
I'm a guesser not a fortune teller scorpion seller orphan on welfare
torchered in the celler sources developers and I'm always letting her take the best of me story teller my faverite ingredients for the recipy mental telepathy extazy a mess of things letting me keep the key away from reach babygurl your never ganna be set free ****** me gently hurtig me tenderly a blurred memory that make the eckos scream no remedy dead asleep too stressed too keep a smile on go on ahead of me
if I dont respond u know I'm dead too be dont check too see and step beneath the deepst regions I used too believe in freedom like some believe in demons angel holding me while I bleed with weakness agree too see this before its finally gone always sleepless
forced on writing these songs while righting the wrongs
that help me respond and bestrong trying too keep on the right path
like a pesant forced too bites scraps
or the essence that makes you fight back on the right track
if u stay with me gurl ill make the night last
I'm giving you the world before you even had a chance too ask
I just hope u can understand the facts

I dont have let go if your holding my hand

— The End —