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Joel Johny Dec 2019
Hey,It's me"

Enveloped by emptiness..

Feeling incompetent

Trying to unmask society.

What is society anyway? I ask myself..

An ideology created by us to escape separateness..

It's my 23rd birthday in 4 days,but i'm not excited..

Nothing to look forward to..

Clueless and numb..

My dreams seem obsolete..

I'm tired of routine.

Not afraid of death or scary ghosts..

I welcome them with open arms..

On a chilly December night..

I retrospect on the years passed by...

Trying to figure out how i reached here..

Suffering is suffering,love is love

Tomorrow is another day,let's make amends
Random thoughts on a sober night
Joel Johny Dec 2019
I can't even fathom what goes through the minds of such men who commit such horrendous crimes..another girl brutally ***** in India,with her corpse burnt..

This is just one of the million cases that have come up in our country,excluding ones which are not even reported..

I think it's high time we men start taking some action..the best way to tackle a situation is to destroy it at it's root level.i.e.educating young men that they should respect women by default..

Whenever i hear or read such instances,i wish that i was a vigilante and could go **** all these men who bring a shame to our country..and i'm sure even other sensible men also feel the same way..

Here's what we can do to stop these atrocities from occurring each day..

1.Stop objectifying women: Women are not to be termed as "bundi","maal","****" and many more terms cause it doesn't make us realise that they're human beings,just like us and should be addressed as per their names ..Phrases like "cover the face,**** the base" gives men a false sense of satisfaction,thinking women are "trophies" and lustful objects that are born only to satisfy our desires and don't have a mind of their own..If you know people who use such kind of phrases or if you are among them too..please refrain from using those terms and stop hanging out with such people and tell them their mentality and structure of thinking is damaged and need to re-wire themselves.

2.Be vigilant: If you ever see someone or a bunch of people trying to harass/violate someone,report the authorities immediately and try to stop them from doing so..beat them up if you want's your duty as a citizen to look after one another..
Even if it's someone of your own blood,don't hesitate..cause such people are not humans,they're monsters.Such behaviour is never to be condoned.

3.Seek help:This is for those who have gone through such traumatic/near death experiences,please TALK to someone,anyone whom you can trust...don't restrain within..and Men ..please make women in your life comfortable around you and that they can rely on you in their darkest's never easy to confide in respect their decision ..don't lie to them or ignore and give false hope..

4.Stop Fake allegations:Women,humble request, don't put somebody's life in danger by putting fake allegations of **** and harrassment on them,cause it's like the story of "The Boy who cried Wolf"..when it happens to you for real,no one will come to your aid,so stop playing with other people's lives to boost your ego.It's not gonna mount to endangers lives of actual victims of ****.

5.Consent is necessary:This one is probably the most important of them all,always ask for CONSENT..never try to force it,respect the other person's decision..
you have no right to violate anyone's body without their consent and don't even think about misleading them with false promises men are the worst..these double faced idiots who pretend to be nice guys and exploit a girl's trust..if you want to impress a girl,do it with your own personality,don't fake it...she'll realise sooner or later...It's because of you guys ,women in our country sometimes misjudge guys who are actually very nice and humble..SHAME on you scumbags..

These are some points that i wanted to make..REMEMBER, Respect and humility should be there by default,it shouldn't be demanded..BE a responsible citizen and put an end to this demonic crime.
This is a rant after the recent mishaps in India..hope you relate with it..and if i've missed out anything,lemme know
Joel Johny Nov 2019
I live in a closed world with open wounds,
Jubilant scenes my mind eludes,
Wishing I could find my own place..
Away from the endless crowds i never fit in with..
Away from all the fakeness,drama,chaos,numbness,hatred ....
The feeling of not belonging and wondering ..
Why i'm even trying to maintain a life i aint happy with...
It hurts when you can only see what you lack..
The constant pressure to change into the only thing we'll be accepted as;something that isn't you...
I'm at rock bottom..
Freefalling in a travesty of feelings...
Enjoy the ride,my fellow readers.
Just a late night contemporary piece .
Joel Johny Sep 2019
I exist in a world that's really different,

A world where I don't feel like I belong...

A world where we have to live with the fear and uncertainty that everything; can be taken from us in an instant...

As you can see, I'm terrified beyond rational thought...

All these demons in my mind slow me down as they run deep...

I want to break down my walls and open up,

Angry and sad all the time,

I got tunnel vision...

I try to detach myself from me and attach to someone else,

Ends up being more painful than it seemed to be...

It's easy to lose what you never had,

Warping my mind over the image people have for me...

I'm sorry for all the rage, wasn't born with it...

Trying hard to harness all my repressed emotions as we speak...

I want to extrapolate life itself and put an end to this malicious prosecution of humans...

Our mind is delusional at times, and is too smug by undermining its beholder...

I'm weaving all these thoughts to put an end to my misery,

Find the basic purpose of my existence.

My dear reader,

Life is all about making mistakes and doing things to set them right,

It's a never-ending cycle that we're all a part of...

So, let's strive towards our surreal-like dreams and
Fabricate them into reality.
I wrote this last night trying to let out everything i had in my mind on paper..hope it makes some would be appreciated
Joel Johny Sep 2018
Step into the mind of a young man
Staying up late night
My mind's a mess living in a world of stress
So let me break it down for you
I write verses to fight my inner demons
Rapscallions everywhere tryna bring me down
Imma keep grinding in a tranquil hell
Till i reach another level i've never been on
The world is enough a hell to be ******
Why curse it further?
During my severed journey in metro rails
I see people with facades of character
Unable to merge with their true mores
No one can recognize me amongst them
Oh! I guess im a stranger to you

All i think about is music
Past memories splash like tidal waves
Gallivanting between my two identities
One fractured, the other to survive
My heart struggling to untether from itself
Now I wonder which is my home...?
This one or the world i dream about..
Now you may leave...
Thanks for sticking around.
This piece is about the pitfalls of a person's mind and what all thoughts he or she could be serenaded with in an alienated society..
Joel Johny Aug 2018
Every time i reflect on myself,
I feel like i'm someone else...
I know I stay true to my inner being,
but I'm always
compelled to be a better me.
I keep asking myself..
Is this a facade or an impression
Am I even me?
Am I all that one's meant to be?
Or am I blind to what others see?
Well, i don't actually care what others see
I create and tend to live my life in my own unique way
Being spontaneous,that element of mystery always there..
Maintaining a "positive image", it will inevitably break..
Despite the distance, i think you and i will be fine
In a world created inside our minds,
Blissful and unique.
This poem is about self-discovery and not flinching to the hate around you...stick to your opinions and let you discover you...
  Jul 2018 Joel Johny
Kayley Slack
My body somehow knows
The grief tomorrow holds.
I ache and throb
But I cannot sob;
The urge to cry
Stings my eyes.
My feet drag heavily
In the depths of this valley.
Every year without fail
I remind myself I am too frail.
"You're strong without the numbers,"
Yet I was too weak to pull you from your slumber.
Each March 22nd
Feels just like the 1st end,
When your heart stopped beating
And mine started bleeding.
I'd skip this whole day
But I'd miss the chance to say:
I miss you, lovely little hurricane.
It's all I can do to keep sane.
The smell of mint
Hurts just a hint.
The skinny jeans and hair bows
I could never disown.
I wear your effect  
On my forearm *****.
The pain of loss is akin
To etching you into my skin.
My hands shake with cold,
Though not as cold as a headstone.
Oh, how my body knows
The grief tomorrow holds.
In Loving Memory of Kelcy Golling.
07/02/1999 - 03/22/2014
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