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Pure Bliss Apr 2018
Why do people do it,
Why do people try to bring you down,
Why do they make you frown,
They try so hard,
To make you feel like lard,
But you just say to yourself,
Keep cool, ignore them,
As time goes and they keep going,
You keep showing strength,
Soon you've had enough,
You hit them straight in the mouth,
All the anger,
All the pain that you've had for all this time,
It all comes out in one single punch,
You knock him down,
You look down and their out cold,
Everyone is looking at you,
Then they cheer,
Apparently they all were getting bullied by this person,
After the ten day suspension from school
He comes back like a fool,
Trying to run from you,
But you keep up,
Trying to say sorry,
But he is too afraid to talk,
Know you've known you won!
hiba sajid Feb 2016
There stood the wallflower,
Against the wall like a cover
From there she watched,
As all others danced
Though she wasn’t evil,
Yet seen this way by the happy devils
Who danced with  ecstasy
She watched them with jealousy
she had never been praised
And loneliness was all she faced
Wishes to be treated like a fairytale queen
But can be her only dream
Ignorant she felt
Silently she dealt
Was it a mistake she was born?
Why did they treat her with scorn?
By: Jack Wilder (Ramon Carlos T. Castillo)

You are a gift you see,
A person made in the image of our Lord,
So you really should not care,
About another person's word.

Echoes of hate and petty,
Purely brought about by insecurity,
Things that will bring you down,
Only if you let it get to you.

So why should you be,
Afraid of what they have to say?
To the little stuff they give notice,
You yourself can't even see.
Here's to the victims of bullying. Here's to the people who got judged because of what they fought for. Don't give up, I believe in you all!
jack of spades Dec 2015
Sugar and spice and everything nice,
Wolverine claws and a venomous bite,
Armed to the teeth for a ***** fight:
This is what teenage girls are made of.

Maybe I fall in love too easily,
But I’m just sixteen.
And I’m just sixteen but
When you cat call me and I pretend not to hear you,
You call me catty as if it’s surprising.
When you wolf whistle at me and I ignore you,
You call me names that aren’t PG.
I’m just sixteen but I’ve got news for you:
I’m a she-wolf, far from domesticated so
Whistling will do nothing for you.
I don’t answer the call of any man, because
I’m a lioness, and every time you catcall me
You forget who does the hunting.
You need reminding, to be put in your place.
You’re a predator but I’m not your prey-
No, you’re a predator but I’m much, much
Much higher up on the food chain.
Whistle and call all night long,
I’ll chew you up and spit you out
Like the kind of bubble gum that isn’t worth a trash can.
I’d call you a pig, but pigs usually have a
Higher IQ than you do.
My bones are made of titanium, of Adamantium, and
My rage came from the cosmos, and I control hurricanes with the water in my lungs.

I am catty,
And I am a *****,
But you are a nobody,
Food for the vultures and
A piece of furniture to sharpen my claws on.
You may be a knife, but my heart is a diamond.
I am a diamond, and you are made of fossil fuels.
We are both the product of years of pressure,
But I took my disasters and made myself beautiful.
You let yourself become ugly, nowhere to go
Except standing on corners late at night,
Pollution spilling from your mouth and your eyes.

Leave me alone.
That’s not me being ‘hard-to-get,’ no,
That’s my wolf howl and the growl of my inner lioness.
Leave me alone,
Or else.
read it while wearing dark lipstick that stains microphones
Mark Lecuona Apr 2015
You have allowed man to portion your purpose,
the measure limited by what can be sold;
physical beauty,
frivolous distraction,
for love of life has become love of acceptance

But who would love you that would rob you;
of your dignity,
of your life,
of your soul,
except those who do not know how to love

Remove the fears that make your eyes eager,
to please,
to die,
to give up what it is that you were meant to be

They take what cannot be given,
to you,
by man,
for their own glory,
or else they would

Stand naked if you must,
stand alone if you trust what I'm saying,
and if you cannot,
then I pray that one day the life you should be,
will come,
and what comes undone,
is what they have become

But it is you who must decide what to live up to
Brittle Bird Jan 2015
in my mind
we played by love
red roses
and sweet words to speak of

in your mind
we played by points
each new lie
another check on your score board

yes I know
that when I go
this game will turn into something
much more

no matter the blood
and guts that may spill
I'll take that
rather than losing  this to
Inspired by the Book Poem Challenge. The title is from the book Impulse by Ellen Hopkins.

— The End —