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Mar 2018
Why do we run
When a hard challenge comes to face?

Why do give up
After we failed the first 5 times?

Why do we quit
If we dont understand or get it right away

Why do we choose to quit living
Because others are jerks and don't know you or your potential and what you can do?


Why can't we
Face our challenges without fear but courage

Why can't we persevere
And believe that we can accomplish it even if it takes 50 tries or days

Why can't we keep going
Take the time to practice and understand what we don't even if it means looking from or learning from another angle

Why don't we stand up even if it means getting a beat down or made fun of. Even if they do you are brave and strong and have courage to stand up for yourself and that they can't tear you down anymore


Why do we do what we want to do and yet fail to continue because of a wall or rock that stops us or makes us fall?

Why do we think that we have failed after we think we can no longer accomplish our task?

We fail when we choose to no longer try and believe we cannot when one day we can when the effort is put forth

Why don't we stop asking ourselves the what if's and start asking the why not's?

For why not prove others that you can
But not just others but yourself
For completing your task shows
You ain't no quitter
But a persevering human
Who can do things when you try and get back up at all cost
To show yourself that you are stronger than you think
Even if asking help was all you needed.
Some tasks are not meant to be done alone but with help.
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