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AniiBunii99 May 2018
As she sits on the park bench
Watching the happy couples
Pass by she thinks to herself

She’s alone. Why ? Why ?
Why is she never good enough
She can feel the pieces of her
Heart shattering

Rage filling the cracks like lava
It fills the crevices of her heart

It passes painfully and slowly
The pain of the lava in her chest
Bring stinging tears to her eyes

The tears roll down her cheeks
As the lava passes through

She’s burnt , battered and bruised
From a love that felt real but wasn’t

Dear child it wil be fine in the end
Don’t let the world make your heart hard.
AniiBunii99 May 2018
The pain
The sadness
The void

It’s all real !
Scream all you want
It won’t help
You’re hurting yourself
No one else

Let it burn
Let it ache
Let it heal

Stay strong sweet child
AniiBunii99 Mar 2018
To my future person :
I know you are probably laying in someone else’s arms right now
And you have no idea who I am yet .. but when we meet I just ask of
You a few simple things , it’s not going to be easy but when has easy ever Been the best option for a relationship? Challenges build strength and a Unbreakable bond , connection or what else you may call it .
Baby all I ask is when I feel like I am drowning in my emotions and i feel like i am being pulled into the water and i can't get out.
Please be my life raft, pulling me back to shore and giving me
CPR and making me feel like I’m in a movie and opening my
Eyes to your beautiful face. When I’m crying a river please swim
Up the stream to get to me and just hold me and let me cry in your Arms because baby that is where my home is, your arms.
Dear future person,
Please appreciate me on my good days because I promise my bad days aren’t always there , they don’t happen that often but
When they do , love, it’s bad . All I ask is that you please
Accept me with all of my flaws and my dark past as I
Accept you with your flaws and bad days, I will be there by your
Side through thick and thin , we will be Bonny and Clide and
We’ll make the world jealous with our love bubble
So to my future someone please take care of me as I will
Take care of you and love you immensely and with all my
Heart even when I say I need to be alone I mean that I
Need to be with you in your arms and julove future everything nothing emotionsst sit in silence.
Dear Future Person of mine : I love you and Thank you for
Accepting me for the love and chaos that I am.
Your dearest
AniiBunii99 Mar 2018
You make me feel :

You feel like forever

And for someone who
Doesn’t believe in forever

It’s quite extrodanairy how
You can make me feel

You’re the pool that I keep on drowning in but that’s fine because I like the feeling

I’m drowning in a love
So real I could almost ....

Touch it
Feel it
Breathe it in

You’re my forever and
I’d be lost without you

I love you forever,
My forever

— The End —