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Emma Sep 27
Streaky little bits of sky splattering through the window.
It is open so that the outside can leak it’s way in,
Covering the stale unchangedness.
You were once here,
This warm glow of skin that made the spilled drops of sunlight more beautiful.
And now you’re not here, or there, or anywhere.
It’s all just so much ******* uglier now.
Emma Aug 18
You’re so unhappy.
And ******* but doesn’t it make you special.
Afterall no one else is unhappy;
Your pain at night is the warmest thing.
It gives you your driver’s license,
And you drive right the **** over me,
Your tire marks beneath my skin.
I catch secondhand misery from you.
You think your barbs are justified,
Baby they’re uninspired,
And just because they hurt don’t mean I need to hear them:
That’s not what truth is.
You wound because you can,
Too afraid to apologise and so you spoon out excuses
Boys have used before.
Like chunky lemon milk,
We linger past our expiration.
Emma Jul 21
How could you do that to him?
How could you do that to him?
How could you do that to him?
Those nasty, opportunistic girls,
Taking apart everything he had built
Undoing his hard work brick by brick
with their unnecessary pain.
Why should he pay for what was taken?
Why should any of them,
Hands linked in their chain
Of pitiless eyes and covering silence
Have to pay for their sins
it wasn’t like it was violence.
Oh, those girls with their words and their bleeding brown eyes
How dare they ruin the life of a good man
Hear his regret on the stage
How he dances so gracefully around admitting to making a mistake
How he glides over the abuse of those stolen young girls
They’re all just fine
We promise.
Emma Jul 21
Him: What exactly is the point of that?

Her: The point is that you’ve got something inside you that has to be let out, something that would die otherwise,
and you would die too if it was lost.
Emma Jul 12
Everything in her life has done naught but made her harder.
She was born, full of hope and this burning need to make others see in her what was there.
And in the seeing, her father faltered and was lost,
Disappearing from what he had once been to her in his wavering.
She learned frugality with her trust.
When she was older she loved, an instantaneous, fierce sort of love that defied her scars.
First though came the burning sun she served, searing her from the inside as she drove on,
Her purpose thrumming beneath her skin,
But still she knew she would return and love again.
When she did, all was not as she had left it.
What she’d chosen, what she believed, had burst between them like the shrapnel of a grenade,
It tore into what had existed between her and her love,
Tore her from her home and family,
And left her turned to stone, her heart cool and untouchable.
Emma Jun 14
You loved her less, for whatever reason—
Your brilliant redemption, your glowing new start—
And it made you realise
You were just the same.
That decay you thought she’d burned away
Had just been waiting in the wings
And in the moment you loved her less,
Her illusive light fading,
Your soul began to rot again.
Emma May 13
She is drowning slowly
So far away beneath the water
Refractory, she’s a distortion of what she used to be
And you want her back
There where your hands could control her
But she is underwater
It’s in her ears and her eyes
She can’t be your girl anymore
She can’t even be her own
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