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stopdoopy Sep 8
so much to give
but so closed off

a glass
filled to the brim
waiting to spill

others take tentative sips
or pour it out completely

I just want to be savored
drank slowly over time
enjoyed through all seasons

while my heart may be punctured
oozing out love to anyone who looks
my bones are hard and sharp
waiting to poke through this flesh
and stab if need be

to want to love
so freely
to want to receive
the same

you'd think it'd be easier
to crack open this ribcage
Maria Etre Apr 16
I am tired
of placing my heart
in places
where it should
lillium Apr 7
you’re alive today
your aching ribcage
are filled with petals
as you kiss his cheeks
over and over again
you feel like stardust
filled your soul
and today you tell yourself
‘I finally love again’
Talis Ren Mar 10
you make me wonder
if i was ever alive
before you wormed your way
past my ribcage

you make me glad
my ribs are cages
nom de plume Jan 31
my chest is an aviary,
hundreds of caged birds
flutter and shudder and whistle
soft songs and incomprehensible words.

my ribs as bars,
and my heart as feed,
and the birds all hum,
and we all have needs,

including birds, including me,
digging my hands, into my chest,
they peck at me, my insides,
to rip me open, we try our bests--

i scream and writhe and cry and whine--
i tear and pull and carve and break--
they sing and sing and sing and sing--
half-gored, i give in, stop, shake--

an albatross in my chest cavity,
the canaries' screaming pitch remains,
the robins and bluejays and wrens and larks,
all choir my unending pain.

i want to be free of them,
and them, of me,
but my ribs are bars, and my heart is feed,
and in my chest they will always be.
juliet Nov 2018
my ribcage scrapes against my heart
      but isn’t supposed to
            protect me?
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018
I listen to my mind
talk while my heart
roars in its cage,
wild within my

Is it bad that I just
don't listen to it
I've gone so long without listening to it because when I do, I get hurt again...
I just want to be deaf to its demands at times...
Feeling a little better now.
Thanks everyone for your patience with me.
Much love,
Lyn ***
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
A naked tree in winter
my bones are always bare
I reach inside this
tree crown ribcage
pull my insides out
and press them on this page
I make a lovely composition
of red and superstition
I don't care
about how ***** it gets
I dare
Let me share
with you
You can do no wrong
Watch me
as I pretend it's been you
who touched these pages
all along
Pure of Stars Aug 2018
anxiety is living in me and
it’s invisible hand is gripping my lungs
and squeezing tighter and tighter
spreading cold thoughts throughout my rib cage
and into my veins
as i scream out for help
all while i am trapped in its terrible silence
just how i feel when my anxiety is acting up
Ailene Lee Aug 2018
I find the irony of human biology is that we are taught the ribcage protects our heart from physical harm, and the irony of human psychology is trying to understand what plays a role in emotional harm — yet seldom how to protect ourselves from it.
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