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Kevin Hayes Dec 2018
Waiting Waiting

slowly fading.

From everything that used to make me.

I'd come around but then you'd hate me.

Not in the mood to entertain thee.

Neglected pain, but now I face it.

Trapped in my mind, stuck in the basement.

Hoping that I'll better with renovation.

Took out the doubt, and put some faith in.
Kevin Hayes Dec 2018
Like a bird
We have a lot depending on
the right direction.

But Unlike it
We have too many doubts
and questions.

Spread your wings
but don’t span out nervously.

God gave moral compasses
to Guide us personally.

Never be afraid
to go and do your best.

Keeping pulling straws
until you’ve built your nest .
Kevin Hayes Nov 2018
The extraordinary kinda scary
acquaintance of us in January,
has said in missionary.

Funny how time mends us
to what we hold dearly
and if that will corrode.
Then why even marry?

Doubt‘s forever sweeping hearts like
lil ol Annie.

Keep love handy.
Kevin Hayes Nov 2018
Oh, how hard it is
to right your wrongs.

Needing perfect placement
like words in songs.

Or words in psalms.
Would you listen?

Instead of drowning
in lost visions.

As long as you know you’ve been gifted..

time to better..not just fix it.

Then your the world’s prescription.
Kevin Hayes Nov 2018
Free will or destiny
Is the question I pose?

If God’s all knowing
Who’s responsible for what unfolds?

The traditional route
Upstairs is old.

All you need is inside
If the truth were to be told.
Kevin Hayes Nov 2018
From the foundations of manhood
I send you this letter.

Right now might seem the worse
But the end will be better.

I’ve longed for someone  
While we’ve been together

I’d try to do both
But I’m not that clever

And I know I said never again

******* with randoms
A friend of a friend

Lies on top lies
That **** never ends

But atleast this time
I told the truth like a man.
Kevin Hayes Nov 2018
Long time coming
Long time gunning

Man dead on the ground
the soul still running

Flamed too ashes
Like a cigar filled with tree

Flamed too ashes
So there’s no more misery

Atleast that’s what he thinks
But to his surprise

He’s got grave problems
On the other side.

— The End —