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Couldn't serve
Baby's inarticulate desires
Desperate wet nurse
"Let there be light," and there was light.
But, I've been grappling with darkness
Since my birth, my Lord!
Meandering, eroding, denuding, vitalizing...
From small beginnings to a glorious end
River merging into the ocean
Musical trills and chatters
The sweet smell of spring
"I find no pleasure in them!" groaned the withered old man
Remains a mute witness
Invoked Miranda Rights?
Mysterious Stonehenge
Leggy, slender
Ascending, cantering, vaulting
Vertically gifted, vertically challenged
Descending, craving, scampering
Small framed, compact
Terrestrial, timid
Adapting, running, swimming
Hunted on the ground, shot in flight
Flapping, soaring, swooping
Agile, curious
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