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Annie Oct 2015
Give me a cocktail,
Give me whiskey,
I need to be drunk tonight,

Give me a potion,
Give me happy pills,
I need to disappear from light,

Let there be darkness,
- the demons,
I want to be possessed this time,

Let there be pain,
Just a little bit of disgrace,
I don't want to be "just fine",

Tune in Mayday Parade,
Let it knock my head,
I really want to feel alive,

I don't see if you care,
So let there be knives and blades,
I want to be dead at the same time
MickeyP Aug 2015
Vast realm
lifeless bodies roaming the streets
souls headed in no particular direction
achromatic skies roll on eternally
the seemingly colossal heap of rotted decayed yesterdays
men with not the faintest inkling of a mission
encaged  by the desolate frozen grounds he once roamed freely
enslaved by his own ruthless vindictive mind
exuding gusts of bitter, bone chilling air
ensnaring me in its wrath.
And I,
I so invincible,
I so inviolable..
I Crumble.
Just like that.
iamtheavatar Jul 2015
How far have we come?
Our masquerading insanity,
Egotistical sensuality
We bask in the luxury
Of our miserable depravity

Tumultuous cries and sweet lies,
It's only a state of mind
We malice, not chastise,
And give birth to anarchy

The world was an empty bliss
Reveled in the vast starlit sky
Now consumed by the beast inside,
Our inglorious unbecoming

**iamthe_avatar ©2015
Note to self.

— The End —