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Ghostverses Aug 19
I forever stand with you
even if it's till our dreams end
if I told you to stay in
would you break my little rotten apple?
Just cause' you ended up in a grave?
Look at the end and read the end words :)
AJBusse Jan 15
Oh my friend,
This can't end well
Your smile sets my heart aflame
Your eyes rock my world
Your humor pokes at my lips
The way your laugh bounces
Makes my knees weak
This can't end well
My love,
This can't end well
For a thought of you is always in my head
My heart skips a beat when you look at me
This really can't end well
I'm not in love. Nope. I refuse.
Alphia Dec 2020
I can't breath I can't sleep all the way thru the night . I'm sad I miss you I hate what I did I wish I could go back but I must face forward and go away !.....

Pain is numb now you act like you don't care I don't know how to read you it's hard to read you. What's on your mind baby? Can I call you baby?

No response is a response I keep telling myself. Maybe he is done and I should be too hope needs to die out my life again. I love you or maybe I'm confused? Gosh I think am I ever gone get over this obstacle one day?
Sophia Nov 2020
How Do You Really Know If You're Falling in Love:

You want to share your world with them.
They're always in your thoughts.
They become a priority.
You crave them.
You're ignoring other attractive people.
You're kind of freaking out.
Their traits become your traits.
You want to say those big three words.

Oh no.....I'm all of these.
EmperorOfMine Jul 2019
Never knew how important you'd be
Until I couldn't move you out of my mind.
Sickened by these feelings, see
you have to be one of a kind.
I rarely ever feel this way,
please make it stop and set me free.
I don't know what I want to say,
you're there, I'm here, split apart by the sea.
I can't even eat, barely think, what a world,
Is this love, is this like, I don't know, but I'm scared.
What if you don't feel the same, now I'm curled,
Will you find someone better, when would you lack the care?
I've never had such high hopes in a scenario least likely to happen,
So, my gut has been highjacked by anxiety, can you see why i'm acting weird?

Please, please...
I don't want to fall in love again.
Falling in love - Klahr Retouch
Poolza Jan 2019
Cemetaries aren't empty of people
We'll go there someday.
Desyrae Dec 2018
head over heels
for merely
a distraction
from my heart
Desyrae Dec 2018
your honey brown eyes
something I was
in love with
Desyrae Nov 2018
I love
His chocolate eyes
But it doesn't
Feel right
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