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UA Jul 12
Never knew how important you'd be
Until I couldn't move you out of my mind.
Sickened by these feelings, see
you have to be one of a kind.
I rarely ever feel this way,
please make it stop and set me free.
I don't know what I want to say,
you're there, I'm here, split apart by the sea.
I can't even eat, barely think, what a world,
Is this love, is this like, I don't know, but I'm scared.
What if you don't feel the same, now I'm curled,
Will you find someone better, when would you lack the care?
I've never had such high hopes in a scenario least likely to happen,
So, my gut has been highjacked by anxiety, can you see why i'm acting weird?

Please, please...
I don't want to fall in love again.
Falling in love - Klahr Retouch
Sophie Jun 4
I draw,
My world,
My own,
a better place.
The touch of the pencil on paper.
Don't think,
Just draw.
You take me to a better place
a place where there are no problems.
All problems flying away like little slips of paper as I press my thoughts into the page,
Line by line.
Creating a new world,
A better world.
When I draw I can make anything,
It is an escape from reality.
I am free from the cruel clutches of my own brain.
Everything is gone.
Taking me to a different place.
Like I grew wings.
From the heart,
Of drawing.

When you feel yourself reaching for the knife, turn, and reach for the pen instead.
Poolza Jan 15
Cemetaries aren't empty of people
We'll go there someday.
Desyrae Dec 2018
head over heels
for merely
a distraction
from my heart
Desyrae Dec 2018
your honey brown eyes
something I was
in love with
Desyrae Nov 2018
I love
His chocolate eyes
But it doesn't
Feel right
Desyrae Nov 2018
can't i just love
the one
i'm supposed to?
UA Sep 2018
I bite my tongue when I'm afraid.
It's not easy for those who stay.
It's colder this coming Winter.
I can already feel shivers.
I see my soul staring at me.
I wonder what it just might see.
And all of this causes me grief.
A little one,
So Cold,

This time of year, a bane of sweets...
Caught by surprise, nowhere to flee.
I've lost it now,
A lock, No key.
A darkened path,
No light to see...
UA May 2018
Dear bully,

Why bully me?

Is it because I'm not the brightest?
Is it because I'm not the most bubbly?
Is it because I'm not unbelievably loving?
Or maybe...
Is it because I exist and that alone?

My dear sweet bully,

Do you like it when you hurt me?

Does it quench your thirst when I struggle to hold back my tears?
Are you satisfied when you become one of my many fears?
Do you keep an eye open for the knife that may end your night?
Or maybe...
You just like it when I'm vulnerable and broken because you feel better about your cracks.

Finally, my undying bully,

What would it take for you to stop bullying me?

Do you want my bloodlust craving blade to open your throat?
Or maybe just a kiss to end your petty attention to me...ew
Maybe you don't want anything but to be better, because you envy me...
Or maybe...
I disturb you because I remind you of who you can never be...

So let me ask you one final time...
Daddy, why must you bully me?
Dara Slick Nov 2017
I love cold air,
because it feels like its cleaning my skin.
I love the smell of coffee,
because it comforts my nose and mind at the same time.
I love the months from September through December,
because family comes together to love and to be loved.
I love flying at night,
because air port bars are so lonely and poetic.
I love eating after a long day,
because everything tastes better after you waited for it.
I love the season of fall,
because it is so colorful and crisp.

I love this person,
because if I killed someone he would be there to help me bury them.
got real dark there at the end.
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