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When you talk about masonry,
There are lots of types of joints.
It will last if built correctly,
I'm sure it never disappoints.

A mortise and tenon joint,
Is the strongest and best looking,
And I am not like that like she is.
I may be strong but not good looking.

So I consider myself as a doweled joint,
Which is only strong.
But when I look at you,
I realized that I'm just a Dado joint.

The ones who always support.
Like how they support shelves,
Like how I support you for her.
I'm not strong as I thought I could be.
This is one of our topics about Masonry. I just thought to connect it in real life.
Brandon Conway Nov 2018
The gorgon's masonry casting châteaus
for the rich
turning hearts to pompous narcissist

once of legends and myths
has arisen once again
blue light and endless scroll

the gorgon's masonry casting shadows
for the everyman
turning hearts to pompous narcissist
Vexren4000 Feb 2017
From stone blocks and brick,
Set with mortar and care,
An art in itself.
Or some hidden, human thing.
Another spawner of conspiracies,
Whispers of vile acts.
Cavorting with creatures of darkness,
And groups even darker than themselves.
Skulls and bones,
Rocks and stones.
With Tyrants throes giving loss to their own.

Tommy Carroll Apr 2015
Not for me another love
like choking fear
It will not budge
I dare not blink
for it now seems
by choosing drink
I dwell in dreams

I grind to bits
my words and teeth
when searching through
my history:
to lift above
what lay beneath
all that broken masonry.

words and foto Tommy  Carroll

— The End —