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Erin Atkinson Sep 2014
My world is spinning,
    the way it used to
on an axis
           so tightly wound
    during the
                 day I can't see straight
    but at night
I see some clarity
                                and maybe I've got it
           misguided as my heart has been;
  my intentions
            have tried to be
                   ­ but maybe
            I wanted to be
in sin
Maria May 2014
I miss my baby, he told lies maybe
Left me thinking, got me drinking
Told him: You won't notice me for I differ a million miles from your eyes.
The first time I saw him in Mendoza, Between the bars
He's wise and tall, I couldn't resist him at all
Now he's the axis and I have totally lost control
He's in my viens.
God,  I'm going insane
He's everything I've been looking for
And maybe a little bit more.

— The End —