wolf  Mar 2015
wolf Mar 2015

He said,
'I'm the type of man to whisper dirty secrets into your ear, with one hand up your mini skirt, the other unbuttoning your bra, as you beg me to fuck you with that look in your eyes...'

Anna Brown  Nov 2013
Anna Brown Nov 2013

Neither an optimist nor a pessimist
What an inner indecisiveness
I am reminded of the ocean
Never fixed
A bottle is no place for the sea
You were not meant to be contained
Craving the freedom of your salty home

K Balachandran Sep 2012

We weren't merely talking business;
her eyes said something else,
I strained my ears.Listened.
Soliloquy.Whispers.Fluttering eyes.
("Need to bring her around and sign the contract")

She is silent, eyes on papers
"wind on the waters..................
rustle of the leaves" mind sings,
I got it now, no doubt, we are attracted!
i am now a man with a heart that sizzles,
"she is of course a cut above the rest,
a fine mind, amazing number cruncher,
not to forget that pert posterior,
she makes me melt, I cannot be a hard nut"
my thought train stops to her whistle,
a lovely smile, as if to say
"Things would  start to move
between us, when this is over"

                    A man and a woman,
both,  business intentions, in mind's focus,
when together such a long time could
decide upon a course of action,
but i hear a buzz in my ears--

we  seem to sway in a charged atmosphere
all i could think is this; "our business
doesn't reach anywhere.."

every obstacle fell and crashed,
relaxing nude, sniffing each other, like dogs,
in the cozy confines, of her hotel suite,
she said, the reason for the obstacles,
was pretension-
she had the need to feel in total control,
(till attraction, made the difference)
"Man and woman role reversal"
"I understand" I said.Executive privilege;
she is the senior and she deserved to feel good!
decorum in business deals must be kept.
We reversed roles
and felt more elated (we thought)
too little to do
when you properly decide, to divide responsibilities
(even in bed)
                             The deal was done,
                              she put her seal,
                              and outside the protocol,
                              a parting kiss and an invite:
                                                      Is it to be Venice?
                                                      ( or Brazil?)

Nicholas  Feb 2015
Nicholas Feb 2015

Remember that overused line
about how opposites attract

As if we were comparable
to the idea of magnets
where North and South linked each other

Meaning our bond was built like this,
where we knew we were different,
but still we wound up together.

But later on we figured out
that there was not much between us,
that we’re more same than different

If its true how the saying goes,
there would be no reason for me
to even think why we’re apart.

Because opposites do attract,
and we found out we’re more alike.
So maybe that's the answer why.
Why it felt like you were drifting,
slowly drifting away from me.

Because when it comes to magnets,
opposites do attract each other.
But then we weren’t opposites,
because we saw ourselves in each other.

curlygirl  Nov 2016
curlygirl Nov 2016

i have a lover
      tender and innocent,
who tucks in his shirt
and brushes my arm
        when he walks by.
he is passionate and giving,
listens to classical music
and caresses my cheek
         when he kisses me.
i think i love him so
because of these things
          and also because
he is the opposite of me

Hannah Rose  Sep 2016
Hannah Rose Sep 2016

When he looked at her
he only saw a body
not a soul.

Mikayla  Jun 2016
Mikayla Jun 2016

On the train,  looking at you
You're a victim of my curiosity.
And i say yes to no question.
And i say yes to no invitation.
Vain smile hiding the truth.

Deep inside of me...
Dwells insanity.

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