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William A Poppen Jun 2014

She fascinates men
like a fused corolla whorl
attracts birds and bees

teaxstains  Aug 2014
teaxstains Aug 2014

Red lips
White lace
with her words, she drew a field of tulips
On his face.

My interpretation of what attraction feels like

Be who you want to attract,
Before you start "searching" for the right person,
Be the right person,
Find yourself,
Be comfortable with who you are,
Find happiness within you,
If someone is the only basis of your joy,
I'm afraid,your joy might be a mirage.

Sorry but its only in fairytales where frogs get to kiss princesses lol..

23-10-2015 huh,I thank God for this.had no idea this one would turn out to be a daily poem,I'm really touched like for real,didn't see this coming..but I must say,I've been waiting for this moment,guess dreams do come true :D ,..thanks for taking your time to read my poems and for the comments and likes ;they really encourage me,thank u very very very very very much people. :*
infinite mind May 2014

your deep brown eyes stare back into mine
you can read my mind
you know exactly what i think
there is no need for clarification or confirmation
i know that this is love

it is a strange thing
it is an invisible string
pulling me ever closer to you

es  Apr 2015
es Apr 2015

there was the quickened pace
my feet and my heart
i knew not the difference
both were intertwined as one

lips slightly apart, irregular breathing
as time shortened our distance
eyes sparkling with anticipation
my thoughts only on one

and at that colliding of a second
if there were lights it was all on us
though hands shaking, grips firm
at that moment, both connected as one

no denying this attraction
burst out of nowhere
as if silently waiting all along
a million other people, but to me he's the one

Sapphire  Dec 2014
Sapphire Dec 2014

All consumed by thoughts of you
Tied with chains
my heart in pain
I long for your touch your taste
body begs you to penetrate
It's like you can't hear or see what you do
So effortless yet you have no clue
my physical illnesses stem directly from you
head bangs of desire from chemicals that set my brain on fire
You're the air that feeds the flames
squeezed from my lungs
I'm locked in a haze
Waiting to be saved

David Watt  Jul 2011
David Watt Jul 2011

I need to focus and to find,
This desire and obstacle that renders me blind.
Broken images of smiles and laughter,
leaves me sweating fearfull and lonely after.

Eyes wide they drown in passion,
Feel natures design hidden secret and perfectly fashioned.
Her waist so tiny and so small,
Her hair cascading like golden waterfalls.

Rap around embrace and bind,
In this ecstacy caught captured and mine.
Bite the lip and scar the skin,
Every weakness invoked by delicious sin.

Till i arrive and rip the curtain,
In actions so precise innocent and certain.
Sterile unfeeling killing all infection,
so quickly so completely it goes without detection.

You pass me by without attention,
damn my control and social discretion!

I came up with the idea for this poem a very long time ago when wondering how people deal with physical attraction in public circumstances, what interested me the most was that in these circumstances you have almost a complete conflict with natural desire and social accepptability, i thought this made an interesting topic.
wolf  Mar 2015
wolf Mar 2015

He said,
'I'm the type of man to whisper dirty secrets into your ear, with one hand up your mini skirt, the other unbuttoning your bra, as you beg me to fuck you with that look in your eyes...'

Love  Jan 2014
Love Jan 2014

Why do you think that because Im not attracted to you,
That I dont think you're attractive?
You're very attractive,
Hot even,
But I'm not attracted to you.
I'm gay hun,
Not blind.

Red Mint  Jun 2014
Red Dress
Red Mint Jun 2014

Red alluring dress
Wearing a woman.
Dirty back:
Red versus black, -
Designers applauding.
I envy God
Not power, but the vision.
Quivering eyelashes will
Furbish the dirty feet
Smelling of Mother - - -
Let's get acquainted.
After all
Man's longing
Is measured by

Rules of seduction - 1. Always know what you're receiving.
Bethany Apr 2010

What is it with this fatal attraction
For my soul that’s what it is
I have tried hard to ignore it
And not always give in

Erase you from my heart and mind
To be free from you at last
But every time you’re near
I simply have no chance

What is it about you
Keeps me wanting more
Your eyes mesmerize me
And pull me into your world

Your body makes my pulse race
I undress you with my eyes
I wish it were just physical
I’d have walked away by now

I love the way your mind works
Even if I don’t always understand
You make me think about things
That I never have before

The way you make me smile
And the way you make me laugh
Is just another of your facets
That keeps me coming back

I love the way you accept me
Like it’s ok to be myself
I let my guard down around you
And I take off my many masks

You seem to understand me
Even with all my many quirks
You even seem to tolerate me
When I’m acting like a bitch

There’s so much more about you
That I just can’t find the words
To tell all the reasons
That you're driving me  berserk

That’s why I keep staring at you
With such passion in my eyes
You're my fatal attraction
And that I can’t deny.

Parmida Rezai Nov 2015

As time went by and she drew her lines, he turned into an illiterate
He became more intelligent,
and at the same time less intelligent
He became green
She tried to threw him back with so much strength,
so it resulted in the rupture of her veins
As a mother with a child,
she had to take responsibility for him
The stage was nearly over
They reached their opposite ending points
She was purple
He was green
She was south
He was north
She was attracted, but he was spoiled
The fantasy and marvellousness of his small-magnetos was choked
He was not a magneto anymore,
he was iron
If he just learned how to repel,
but green spoiled his ability of independents thought, his identity
They were as two small children playing together
Now she is left back as a playing child,
while he is her doll in her
She forgot to mention the side effects of the riding
He is ignorant about his progress; he is simply just running around in his hamster wheel
The evolution removes individuals as him
Individuals as her
But he never really knew her, besides the superficial horseman riding on a transparent green pony
As they were standing there in front of a ticking clock, she could engrave lines for each second passing with a
As time went by and she draw her lines, he turned into an illiterate
You are not an apricot.

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