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Brian Yule Aug 23
Pupils dilating
The flecks of jade in your eyes
Trace my torso, bound
Anais Vionet Aug 22
(these are senryus)

Distrusted compliments
- screech like fingernails across
a schoolroom chalkboard.

No marked card - dealt from
the bottom of the deck - will
ever unlock my heart.

Avoid the overt
- sly Valmont, the skittish game
is wise to advances.
I distrust complements - especially from guys - I hate flattery
Marga Aug 18
in this world an ocean of people,
how i wish i will still be able
to find you amidst all the chaos
of a thousand people's paths across.

perhaps fate made meeting you probable
as well as parting from you is also possible;
but the memory of your stunning aureate eyes,
will be the most beautiful of all my goodbyes.
for our one-time attractions.
— daily poems! ♡
"I made my heart like an iron
but he came like a  magnet to steal iron"

This few lines is based on my personal experience about life.
Someones make their heart is so strong. I think about myself,
i made it like an iron but still he came like magnet to steal iron.
Thanks for reading.
I regret telling
them about
you back in
bringing you from the

Even with the looming fear
of your absence, I crave
your bitter affection..

I'm hooked
see the look in your eyes
and my name on your lips
has me dancing
with sin
Anais Vionet Aug 5
You’re such a cute guy!!
You always look relaxed and detached
and a little confused or bemused.
It makes me want to enlist in assisting.
Your lips look seriously delicious.
Your eyes are green and serene.
You’re simply beautiful  sigh
(**** these binoculars are good!)
I can't get even close
Anais Vionet Jul 26
I see your face, and like a splash of clear
cold water - I’m startled awake from loneliness.
I hear your voice, and like something lost
and wanted, I feel a breathless interest.
A video stutter is a cruel and sudden reminder
- you are unknowably remote - and this magic
connecting us is just another of passion's obstacles.
I miss personal contact  =/
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